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Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Lot of Weird Messages From People

I've been stockpiling images of weird things I saw people saying for a while now. This is most of those images
Some of them might have been in other posts before and I know some of them have already been posted on my other blog, AJQuest

In the pillow room someone was pretending to be BB-8 from Star Wars
"be be ate" is close enough

They way they worded this was kinda funny, Due to Animal Jam's horrible servers it looked like they were sitting behind the eagle instead

I don't think you're supposed to brag about orphans

I think they were trying to say they're smarter than someone. They did a bad job with proving it

Another good way to ask someone out on a date

I do not know what this means

Pie hats were for sale at the time I took this picture, yet this wolf thinks they are "to" valuable

I guess I didn't respond to them or something lol

The best insult I've ever heard

Looks like a bunny to me

lol true

"bucket bail team" idk I just found that funny lol my humor is weird

Umm !
I don't think restraint is very cool at all

An arctic wolf was looking for an arctic wolf guy. This poor penguin was really trying

This person kept on saying this over and over again. I have no clue what it's supposed to mean

Sorry but there are no hawks in Animal Jam yet. We don't need another eagle clone, we're already getting falcons

They were trying to get people to bet I'm guessing

"stubbed white one"

I know Aldaners don't know what beta means, but seriously?

"Jag O Gram"
Jag stands for "jam a gram" so they're asking for a "jam a gram o gram" lol

what is m

That's an interesting spelling of "regular"

what's a taxn headdress

Someone was hosting a "would clan" at their den. It's funny because of the other wolf saying "will i learn"
No, you will not

I found this a lot funnier when I took this picture

I don't know

I'm cring too, goat : (

I tried to trade them tar but they would not accept >:(

Somebody please translate this to english

what does that even mean

idk what this means either

Dang he found us out
rip my magenta hair

Hey at least this guy is gender neutral

Buster speaks my own language better than I can : (

Umm !

It's like they are using "u rare" as in insult instead of something like "u jerk"

what is a cure wolf girl

This was their excuse for not helping with the adventure

One of life's many important questions

This one just confuses me

Well, that's one way to get people to join

Yeah, that'll show him!

"gurrl u rare than look"

"I'm a fox with a rhino hat"

No thanks, I'll pass

Sorry but no one plays as anything other than wolfs and bunnies lol

I was playing eagle quest and out of nowhere someone asks this

This is not always true >:(

It was funny because they both said this at the same time

what is a fox light


Another thing I need translated to english


I wish I had a lot of dime items like you : (

This is how I get arctic wolves to host Return of the Phantoms Hard Mode on AJQuest lol


  1. the one where they were saying " she s me son when i grow old would you buy me a house of gold" is a twenty one pilots lyric. but it's still funny for some reason

    1. "can someone throw up so I can wipe it in my hair"

      just wow


      "why don't you just fall on a rock"

      okay, I'll get right on that

  2. Have you thought of keeping your items and using another account or staying on meloetta?

  3. cure is either cute or some anime term.

  4. You're a fox on the INSIDE
    It's what counts


  5. Does your Is Sick Only Cure is Return of Photons hard mode actually work??


  7. Once I saw a bunny saying "is rare exotic princess ocelot kitten. Members only. Must have spikes and own room" i don't get people

  8. the one where the guy says hawk he mean hack as in hacker. he wanted a hacker to come to his den to get revenge on someone.

  9. Awesome u included me with my tiger crown


  10. my friend was the unresponsive rhino guy (I know him irl)
    oh well he's famous now

  11. Don't worry Mel! I'm random, I can translate randomness! The first one means, "If you look at me where my eyes would be, you can see I have none." and the second one means, "Something on my list for pearl necklace." Even though that isn't an item last time I checked. Well, at least I helped.

  12. Yay i am in Photo -chncprincess04

  13. One of my favorite posts of yours.

  14. ur blog thinks im a robot

    also, any of spice dollar?

  15. Literally laughed out loud at so many of these XD HOW DO YOU FIND PEOPLE THIS WEIRD OMG!!

    1. XD I wonder the same! Me, I get nothing. Mel trade meh lives :P

  16. If you like THAT weirdness, you'll love me

  17. XD My favorite is " You can see in my eyes inside I have no eyes"! I think they mean that their animal's eyes look like they have no pupils, or iris, or whatever they're called, but I still laughed a lot at that one! BTW, do you mind if I use a few of these pictures for my Funny Pictures tab on my blog? I'll give cha credit :)


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