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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Eagle Quest Update??

I was playing Eagle Quest (The Forgotten Desert) with some friends earlier. While playing, I noticed a small update they made to the adventure. I'm guessing this was added in the last update but I never noticed it until now. Normally, if you open a gem chest, there's a small chance that the chest will contain an item. The item you get is always a nonmember item and one that is available in the mystery chests. I have an (unfinished) list of all the available items here

But, in this one round specifically, I got member items! I got 2 different items from the gem chests. The stuff I got was much better than the normal prizes that I usually get lol

In the first chest I got a Rare Sombrero which is an ocean item

The second item I got was a Rare Mummy Mask

In all the other rounds I played, I just got normal Mystery Chest items, and only one max per round like usual. In other words, I haven't been able to get anything else like this from the gem chests. That makes me think this was just a glitch but I'm not completely sure on that

I hope some day they add more items to the Mystery Chests. Since I mainly play AJ for AJQuest now, I play A LOT of Return of the Phantoms. After playing it as much as I do, you start to get sick of the prizes after a while. If they added more items to the chests it would definitely make things way more interesting. They don'r even have to be rare! I think they should add things like Hypno-Glasses, Nerd Glasses, Shark Hats, or Head Flowers

Also, I ran into a minor bug with the new recycling system. I was making all my item backgrounds green for AJQuest and noticed the gem count was displayed incorrectly. I actually had 20,075 gems or something like that, but the gem counter on the bottom displayed it as 20,07

Tomorrow I'll try to make those new item concepts like Squid Hats but I don't know if I'll get to it >:(


  1. Since you love cactus hats so much, I think what im showing you might be really offensive to you. Go on Youtube and search 'aparri worst items ever'. You might be surprised by one of the items there and what he says about it. Not trying to make Aparri have hate, I'm just saying that some people don't like cactus hats.

    1. I know. I have a hard time taking any AJ YouTuber seriously so it's okay lol

    2. Aparri is a hater or cactus hats! Poor cactus hats.... What did they ever do to Aparri? ):[

  2. There is an update in animal jam play wild, but nobody can see it, it keeps kicking everybody out over and over again, all I saw was u can have den music now :/ misterfrizzy

  3. I haven't played this game but it looks good and I am all set to download it and play it. Thank you for sharing such informative post with us


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