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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Forgotten Items - Cool Hair

April 13th was this blog's 5th anniversary! I didn't make anything special for it because I was busy and too scared to log in >:(
I'm just going to count this as my anniversary post. I'll probable make more posts like this in the future. It's kinda the same thing as Item History but I'm going to be focusing on items that were forgotten and I think need more attention. I'll be giving history on these items but most of the time their history won't be as interesting as, say, Tan Carpet, but the main point of the posts are to give AJ's lesser known items spotlight

The first item I'm going to be featuring is Cool Hair

If you have heard of this item, you probably know it from the Rare Monday version that was a possible prize in the recent Lucky Clovers adventure

 It was one of AJ's first items. It was added in beta and was shown in a lot of beta screenshots such as this one

It went out of stores after beta. Even though orange Cool Hair was seen in many beta screenshots and videos, after beta, it was only available in four colors. Those colors were brown, black, yellow, and pink. It's possible that white Cool Hair was one of the originals too but I don't remember

It eventually came back to stores on July 21st 2011

Fun fact, Cool Hair was rereleased at the same time as Spiral Lamps (another one of my favorite items) for released for the first time

It was then released in the new colors, including a new version of orange. The new orange is much lighter than the old version

This is what Cool Hair's Old Item Icon used to look like. I personally think the old icon is much better as it shows what the item actually looks like on most animals

I noticed when playing AJQuest that there are very few people who actually knows what this item is, and even fewer actually have the non-rare version. While these items are (probably) in The Forgotten Desert, they still seem to be extremely hard to come across. I've personally have only seen other people with orange, green and black


  1. Lol, the old item icon for Cool Hair looks like pants

  2. I have one, its pale yellow. Do you know what it's worth??

  3. This is the beauty of the game. I just loved it. these hidden items are hard to find but when you find it, you feel like a super man.;) Thanks for sharing AJ's flash memories. Good day!


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