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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How den items looked in beta

Dang, this post took way longer than it should've taken! >:(
In beta, many of the den items look different than they do now. Most of them were just facing in a different direction, but some of them do have some interesting changes. I went through tons of beta videos and screenshots and stuff so I could make this post

So, here are all of the item changes from beta that I noticed!

Window (Current Design)

Window (Beta Design)

In beta, many wall items were facing the screen. This is because the walls in the beta den were flat and weren't slanted like the walls in our modern dens. After beta they had to resign some of the items to fit the new dens better. Windows were one of those items facing the screen in beta. Now, they're slanted so they can fit on walls better. Interestingly, the scrolling clouds in the window are still the same since they were in beta

Zios Sculpture (Current Design)

Zios Sculpture (Beta Design)

Like the Window, Zios Sculptures were also slanted to fit the modern walls. It's possible that this item was planned to be available in more colors, as shown in this post

Sword and Shield (Current Design)

Sword and Shield (Beta Design)

Another item that was changed to be slanted. Other than that, there's not much else to say about it. Since beta it's been available in other colors

Cool Banner (Current Design)

Cool Banner (Beta Design)

Once again, another item changed to fit the modern den walls better. Since the removal of Skullys it's been the cheapest item in the game

Map (Current Design)

Map (Beta Design)

Again, the item was changed to be slanted. Other than that it's been unchanged since beta

Wall Torch (Current Design)

Wall Torch (Beta Design)

It's not very noticeable but Wall Torches were also changed to match the new walls better. The torch stand thing used to be a lighter color too

Sturdy Table (Current Design)

Sturdy Table (Beta Design)

Sturdy Tables used to be at a different angle. Now, they have more of an aerial view

Art Easel (Current Design)

Art Easel (Beta Design)

It could just be the quality of the video, but it seems to me like the wood lines became more "defined" after beta. If that's not the case, these were unchanged since beta

Television (Current Design)

Television (Beta Design)

This one is probably the most interesting to me. The beta design for Televisions showed them with a stand/base, and they were facing a little more towards the screen than they are now

Striped Couch (Current Design)

Striped Couch (Beta Design)

The colors on these couches used to be a bit darker and the angling was a little different

Blue Rug (Current Design

Blue Rug (Beta Design)

Blue Rugs got brighter colors and became much wider after beta. A differently colored version of the beta rug is still visible in Jam Mart Furniture

Pink Pillow (Current Design)

Pink Pillow (Beta Design)

Pink Pillows used to be a much darker shade of pink. The beta design's colors were used for many months after beta, but were later changed

Purple Mat (Current Design)

Purple Mat (Beta Design)

Not very noticeable but in beta, purple mats were a lighter shade of purple. Like Pink Pillows, the beta design was still used for many months after beta

Heart Couch (Current Design)

Heart Couch (Beta Design)

Heart Couches are one of those items that no one knew were from beta and were forgotten about by almost everyone. Like most of the other beta designs, they used to be at a slightly different angle

Strobe Light (Current design)

Strobe Light (Beta Design)

I remember these being called Spotlight or Fancy Spotlight but I'm not 100% sure on that. These used to have lighter colors (no pun intended)
Their beta colors were still used for many months after beta

Cactus (Current Design)

Cactus (Beta Design)

Cactus used to have an orange pot with yellow rings. Now it has a yellow pot with lime green rings

Pink Lamp (Current Design)

Pink Lamp (Beta Design)

It's a bit hard to show because fo the video quality and the fact that transparency wasn't shown very well in Jam Mart Furniture back then, but Pink Lamps used to have brighter colors

Vanity And Mirror (Current Design)

Vanity And Mirror (Beta Design)

This can be really hard to notice, but Vanity And Mirrors used to be a a very slightly different angle and appeared to be more "squished" in beta

Fancy Chest (Current Design)

Fancy Chest (Beta Design)

I also find this one to be pretty interesting. The overall design was kept on the modern/current version, but the angle is a little different. However, the angle was recycled and used for the item called Pink Chest

Pink Chest uses the exact same angle as beta Fancy Chests did, however the Pink Chests are missing a part on the bottom and the handle is different. The beta handle design was reused for the current Fancy Chest design

Small Table (Current Design)

Small Table (Beta Design)
The beta design had slightly different angle and had 4 visible legs. The current design only shows 3 legs

Speakers (Current Design)

Speakers (Beta Design)

The only difference here is the color. They have a greenish tint to them in the modern design. The beta design was used for many months after beta

Fish Bowl (Current Design)

Fish Bowl (Beta Design)

The fish's shade of blue is darker in the modern design. The dot in its eye used to be much brighter than the other colors, but now it's pretty much the same shade as the fish's body. It looks like the seaweed used to have a more noticeable gradient, too

Magma Lamp (Current Design)

Magma Lamp (Beta Design)

I swear these things used to be called Lava Lamps instead. Anyway, the beta design had much much brighter colors. It was used for many months after beta, and then changed

Fountain (Current Design)

Fountain (Beta Design)

The modern design is a lot taller than the beta design

Blue Vines (Current Design)

Blue Vines (Beta Design)

And now we get into the floorings and wallpapers. Some of these are kinda interesting because they look nothing like they do now, but most of them look pretty much the same as they do now. All of them had a different base design. Blue Vines have something more to their story, though. Sometime last year(?) someone hacked in (I think it was 7/Aparri idk lol) Blue Vines that still had the beta design. I'm not sure if it actually functioned as normal or not. Mousing over it would show a number code like #6792 or something as its display name, or it would display as the last item you moused over's name
(Thanks DewDropReptile for the picture)
It's since been removed from the game, at least as far as I know

Wood Flooring (Current Design)

Wood Flooring (Beta Design)

The beta design for Wood Flooring was very bright compared to how it is now. Unfortunately I don't know how it actually looked when used in a den

Grass Carpet (Current Design)

Grass Carpet (Beta Design)

Blue Sky (Current Design)

Blue Sky (Beta Design)

Flower Carpet (Current Design)

Flower Carpet (Beta Design)

Starry Walls (Current Design)

Starry Walls (Beta Design)

Pink Striped Walls (Current Design)

Pink Striped Walls (Beta Design)

Yellow Sweets (Current Design)

Yellow Sweets (Beta Design)

Tan Carpet (Current Design)

Tan Carpet (Beta Design)

Moon Dirt (Current Design)

Moon Dirt (Beta Design)

Planet Walls (Current Design)

Planet Walls (Beta Design)

Blue Shag Carpet (Current Design)

Blue Shag Carpet (Beta Design)

Pink Swirls (Current Design)

Pink Swirls (Beta Design)

Diner Tile (Current Design)

Diner Tile (Beta Design)

Argyle Pink Walls (Current Design)

Argyle Pink Walls (Beta Design)


  1. There are two current small tables...

    1. That sounds like you killed off the second type of table.

    2. May, killing tables since 2016


  2. i kidding NEVER with the safety!

  3. Hey mel, I wanted to know your thoughts on the Eagle Adventure. I personally like it because it gives people easier chances of spikes/betas. When i get good items from the adventure, i gift people it since Aladaners make it hard to get any small den betas now-a-days.


    1. That's a good question and I'll probably dedicate a post to that lol

      I have mixed feelings on it. I like how it makes rares obtainable to almost everyone, but that also killed trading for me. Almost everything is available in adventures and it makes me feel like almost everything is of the same rarity. That being said I don't see the point in trading anymore unless I'm trading for something I really want

      My biggest problem with it is the fact that there are no Special Items in it like beta eyes, beta hoods, etc
      The the adventure had those items (or just every item in the game available in that adventure) I think I'd enjoy it and the game a lot more. I've talked about many times how I hate how some items are still "uber rare" like beta elf helmets and eyes

    2. Lets just wait until 2020, maybe they'll come out at leap year then lol

    3. Yeah, maybe they could be very rare items you can get in Eagle Quest. According to AJ Wiki, you can (very rarely) get unreleased items, so why can't we get 'uber rare' ones too?

    4. Another reason why AJ Wiki is a horrible source of information lol
      If you can get unreleased items from eagle quest then they aren't unreleased at all

  4. Mel can you get on I'm much lonely

  5. How long did it take you to make this? I don't have that much patience or dedication lol

  6. Ughh melly I need to do some : shivers: money management :(
    I want to buy a3ds science mine is just a ds lite but I don't have the money and since I spend my money'z to much I need to sell my old ds for about 200 if I want to buy pokemon (and have more money left over)

    1. you will never be able to get $200 for a ds lite, they go for under $100 usually

  7. ahh the beta days... Everything was so simple... 2016: everyone begs for rare "hds"

  8. Yeah, I thought they used to be called Lava Lamps :T

  9. Hi newfrozenblahblahblahblah bluh I have a suggestion that was on a blog like 2 hears ago, maybe you could do a jammer of the month? I say this because on the sky blog I was the very first jammer of the month, and 2 It would mean a lot to ppl who visit and comment and..... well try to make jamaa great. (I am very selfish, but what would u expect of an 11 year old boy?) -Misterfrizzy, formerly known as Andrewj04-

    1. I used to have a jammer of the month thing when I first started. I can't remember why I stopped it. Maybe I'll start that up again

  10. I didn't even know half of these items were beta! Is that all the betas?

    1. Nope. I have a list of all the den items from beta but it's missing some stuff so I have to update it eventually. But it's more or less accurate


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