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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Good or Bad?

Knowing me I'll probably never finish either of these, but I'm "working" on two posts - the top 10(?) WORST changes made to AJ and the top 10(?) BEST changes made to AJ. Now, the question is, which one of those posts would you like to see first?

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Breadstick Sequel??

Idk if anyone here still cares about Breadstick the Croc, but if there is anyone out there who still cares, I'd like to know your thoughts on how I should handle the sequel. The sequel is meant to tie up many of the loose ends of the original and give the series a proper end. Arrietta and (sekrit) are the main characters of the sequel instead of Breadstick and it focuses on the stuff that happens before the events of Breadstick the Croc. It's kinda like a sequel and a prequel at the same time. But the problem is... since I can't take pictures anymore, I wasn't sure if I should go ahead and make it all text, or if I should wait until hopefully one day I can take puctures again. However, that day might never come. A lot of people were ANGER with how I ended Breadstick the Croc so I want to at least start on the sequel so people won't have to be so ANGER
So what should I do? Make it all text base with no pictures, or wait? Does anyone even care? Probably not lol

Thursday, August 18, 2016

AJ Update August 18 2016- Pet Trading

A lot of new things have been added in this update, most are good! 

Page 1: Giraffes are for all jammers now, which is pretty surprising. I wouldn't think that non-members would unlock another animal for at least a year, since pigs were made non-member not that long ago. 

Page 2: Here is AJHQ's attempt to try to make another wanted item. The new head feathers are quite small compared to the older ones. 

Oh, and they cost three diamonds lol

Page 3: Cute honeybee pets are back for Honeybee Day. You can get your own by clicking a banner (they are located in every land). 

Page 4:The adventure, Battle for the Beacon is back. And now, after a five year wait, we can finally trade pets! Hopefully soon we will be able to trade buddies (not that i would get anything for ddr or glow :((
A post on the "trade your pets" feature will be posted later!

Page 5: The NEWS from the ALPHAS is that we will get a NEW ANIMAL from MADAGASCAR. Or so everyone says, I forgot 7th grade geography. It most likely will be a lemur, since Madagascar is most known (animal-wise) for lemurs. 

Page 6: Arctic foxes and rhinos are doing the ol' switcheroo. 

Page 7: Old news to fill up the journal. But, the icon for the adventures have changed (credit to sew drop , and also the parties tab has moved more to the middle, which cleans it up a little. 

Page 8: And the last page is the advertisement like usual. 

Updates not mentioned in the Jamaa Journal: 

Phoenix armor is back:

Pet randomization is back:

You can now get x2 gems for Eat 'em up:

I would give this update a 7/10 . It's not a bad update, but half of the journal is just old news. 

Friday, August 12, 2016


EwwDropReptile told me that Lampshade Hats are now a thing in AJ! This is one of the item ideas I came up with! Lightbulb Hats were also one of my suggestions and those came out not too long ago
I originally gave the ideas for those items in > this post < and I drew concept art for lampshade hat in > this post < but I'll show you it here anyway

I can't take AJ screenshots anymore so hopefully dew or cc can update this post with a pucture of it in stores lol

EDIT: Dew donated some pictures of this new precious lovely!

In stores:

Item icon:


It does look pretty close to my version! So we got them to add Cactus Hats, Shark Hats, Punk Hair, Lightbulb Hats, and Lampshade Hats, now all we need is them squiddy hats! pls ajhq if you still read this dead blog : (

Monday, August 8, 2016

My thoughts on minigame gem payouts

A long time ago in/around beta, there were only a few games you could play to get gems. Put of memory, the only games they had were that matching game, the armadillo catapult game, river race, Mira Says, that sand and water pipe game, zios pinball, and... I think that was it? There were probably a few other ones that aren't worth remembering. These games only give about 10 gems per round. That was totally fine back then, as items in beta sold for dirt cheap. Skullys were only 10 gems!
The Nat Geo banner den item was only 10 gems, Gloves were 45, and one of the most expensive items at the time were Top Hars for only 150! The reason those raspberry necklaces are the cheapest clothing item now is because they are one of the only items to keep their beta price. Nowadays everythibg gets sold for at least 500 gens! That's not a big deal considering we have games like Fruit Slinger that can get you 60 gems every 15 seconds and Best Dressed/Falling Phantoms that can get you 200+ gems per round. But the thing is, with all these higher prices and new games with amazing earn rates, there is next to no reason whatsoever to play any of AJ's older games! Honestly you're not really missing much by not playing them - the slingshot armadillio game is based completely on the RNG, you can find better versions of Mira Says and that memory match game online badically anywhere online, crustal sand tubes game just DRAGS ON AND ON, gem ball at least is kinda fun (in a frustrating way) but River Race can be fun... if you have friends, that is... :( TOO BAD IT'S NEAR IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND THESE DAYS >:( 
Like I said, all these games only give like 10 gems per round. Since everything is so expensive these days, the only reason to ever play these games is to get all the achievements... and that's it
I know they're not going to remove thee games ever, but what they really should do is adjust the gem payouts of these games to get with the times. Armadillo game takes FOREVER to finish a round, and  you only get like 5 - 8 gems if you're lucky. 5 gems every 4 minutes is garbaje compared to basically every other game out there. I doubt we're ever going to get a money farm as fast as Fruit Slinger's 60 gems every ~15 seconds, but considering how long it takes to finish ONE round of Long Shot (hey i finally remembered its name lol) you shoul at leadt get ~75 gems per (decent) round. Even if they do adjust the gem payouts of these games, none ofvthem other than maybe River Race are worth remembering. Unless of course one of them can be classic Fruit Slinger 4-4

Sunday, August 7, 2016

different emotes depending on the room?

hello! this is my first post on this blog and i hope u like it! 

dew is usually in jam-mart clothing for some weird reason (why he doesn't use the shop in the customization screen beats me) anyways, if you have ever hung around me, you know that i use the winky, anger, and sad emote every 2.462473876543 seconds. and i followed dew to jmc and of course, i used the winky face. 

ok who cares lol

but it looked different? like there was something about that winky emote that looked different from when i used it in other rooms. it was more detailed.

so here's the winky face in jam-mart clothing:

and here it is in my den:

im not for sure about other emotes, but this one has the most noticeable change! try it out if u want next time u go to jam-mart clothing. that's about it, but i wonder if animal jam might make specific emotes for specific rooms? probably not knowing how lazy ajhq can be..

yes this is my excuse for a post, oh and heres a glitch, i don't know how it happened but:

see ya later sugar plums !!!

actually, there are two different winky emotes in jam-mart clothing. if you want to test this, all you have to do is stand on the top floor of  jmc, click the wink emote, and go downstairs, you can see a slight difference. there is also a difference in the :cry: emote. 

Icy Blue is back

Today I was trying to get the raspberry colour on  a bunny but I noticed that AJ has brought back the Icy Blue color.
 To get it first you need to zoom in 200%.

 Then you click the very edge of that light purple colour in the bottom right.

You should get a color that looks like this.

But this means that the raspberry colour is removed again. :ANGER:


ok bye

Friday, August 5, 2016

New Authors

The other day I randomly decided that I should add new authors. I said I had mixed feelings about it but I made up my mind and am doing to try this out gor awhile. I invited DewDropReptile and crispycorgi so they can post on here now. This blog is basucally dead so hopefully these two NERDS can help because im lazy lol

Hopefully it won't be too confusing with 3 people posting >:(