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Friday, December 29, 2017

AJF Finale (Part 0) - Introduction

Hello! This is Mayksufi/WitchHatBunny/LoveLost/Meloetta! As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve left this blog in sort of  “dead space” for well over a year now. I never made a proper goodbye post or any explanations. I just kinda abandoned it, and this isn’t the first time I’ve done this either. But to be fair, tons of other AJ bloggers did the same thing. Fuzzy Shyivy did it twice and a lot of the “original” AJ blogs ended on a random post with no explanation as well. But anyway, I think it’s about time this site gets a proper ending and I give a proper goodbye for once. After AJF’s 6th anniversary came around I tried thinking of what a good “finale” would be like. I was just going to make a few explanation posts and a goodbye post but I felt like that wasn’t enough. After all, as dumb as it sounds this place changed my life in a number of ways, so I think it deserves a little more than that from me. I think it was around July that I finally had an idea for a finale and I’ve been trying to work on it since. I’m not nearly half way finished yet though. It’s... a lot of work
 I guess I should just tell you the plans first before I explain anything else

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Why does my wedding gown SCENT? (Test post)

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Coming December 2017 (but probably won't be on time >‿◕)

Hey, this is Meloetta / Mayksufi / WitchHatBunny / LoveLost / Candiilaura / KuruKuruTako / PrawnPrawnOctopus / Misha / CSA 4 / all the other trillions of names I've gone by over the years for once! I'm working on a proper finale to AJF (which is going to take a very long time to finish, you'll see why)
If you have any questions or anything about AJF that you'd like me to address in one of the finale posts, like an explanation for some post or one of the many terrible AJF memes, let me know! I probably won't answer them now tho

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Dear 0 readers,

AJF is dead, it has been on it's last limbs for over a year.

Man, I'll miss this blog and I'm sure a lot of  people will miss it too.
It was the second AJ blog I ever read and the last one I checked every day for new posts :)

I don't think May/Mayksufi/Mel/Meloetta/WitchHatBunny will ever post (or play AJJAM) again as she's not doing very well  :(  and it doesn't feel right for me to be posting instead of May (For reasons I will explain in the next sentence lol). She has always been the personality (except in 2012 but we donut talk about that :))  )
 and soul of AJF and I'm just not as funny, creative, and smart as her. Furthermore, I barely play AJJAM anymore and pretty much quit sometime in late 2016 because of reasons 
I doubt DoomDesire or s4027j (the other two authors) will post on this blog either.

- DewDropReptile

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Test Rooms and Concept Rooms

AJ Test Rooms have been of interest to me for a long time and it all started sometime during 2010: I was trying to get into some land and instead I got into a black and white unfinished land along with a few other people, this was a really interesting experience but sadly it seems rather undocumented due to there not being many bloggers in 2010 and even if I took a  screenshot it's on my old broken laptop :(

Anyways, The same leaker (IDozAnimalJamz found some Test/Concept rooms) which are more interesting than unreleased clothes
This is the concept version of the unreleased/unfinished room that leads into Appondale and is supposedly called "Baloosh" (I don't know if  I spelled that right lol). When I saw this room I was instantly reminded about the black and white land experience
Another part of "Baloosh" which also strangely resembles an idea from a speculative conversation I had with my friends about the land above Appondale being a Animal Jam village with all the dens. It's really odd how this land is reminding me of so many things, it feels as if I had some subconscious knowledge about this land.... It's so hard to explain...
Also part of Baloosh, this is a non-enterable hut on a tree which you can climb kind of like the Appondale tree, I suppose it would be used as a shop or room of some sort if it were ever to be released
This is the concept version of the Play-As-Your-Pet Party which looks partially unfinished
This is an eerie-looking concept version of the Play-As-Your-Pet party fountain
It looks like it was Pencil-Drawn
This is an interesting concept version of the Jam Session party
This one looks digitally drawn

This is the concept art for the den shop section in deep blue. Interestingly, this area was never a shop until quite recently, at which point they replaced the rock with a ship and made it a den shop, leading me to believe this was a concept for a underwater coral-corners-like shop which was scrapped.
This is a concept version of the Deep Blue - Kani Cove gateway
oh also unreleased wheels lol
I think it's really cool how AJHQ tests concept art In-Game
This is a very meta room with batcave in the bottom left what seems to be "warps" to different rooms categorized into what looks like 6 sections: Employee Corrals, Adventures, Minigames, Adventure Tech, Player Parties and Shops 
There might be more of these sections but they were not showcased in his video.
This is a very interesting "warp" I noticed in the "Adventure Tech" section
Is/was AJHQ developing some sort of PVP adventure feature?
That sounds pretty fun to me

This is the Employee Corrals, containing Peters Room (Which we saw in the last post), Andrew's room (Which I have no knowledge of), Laura's Lair (Which is all black and empty), and probably some others

The "Mini Games" section including all the classics: Cotton Candy, FastFoodies, Truefalse, Dunk-A-Phantom, Astronomy, this just proves that HedgeHog is a total Pacman knockoff lol   and Pacman!!!!!! we r bettr than sol arcade trust us :)))))))))))))

This is a (unnamed) test room  leaked by someone else you can watch their video (if it's still up) here: https://youtu.be/3EM6_GEqUsc

This test room is just so interesting to me, it gives me that creepy vibe and I love it
The room leads into Jamaa Township when you go to the left
It contains the swirling flowers from The Temple of Zios and a butterfly that flies around the room
This is probably my favorite out of these rooms

ok bye i dont know how to end lol

Monday, July 17, 2017

New unreleased stuff!

Ok, So there has been a lot of  AJ leaks (from hackers of course) recently and in this post I will go over some of the cooler things from these leaks. (Credit to IDozAnimalJamz/Zade for finding these items)
                  This is an unreleased game machine which seems to be nonfunctional, I don't know what game it's supposed to play or if it was designed before actual game machines and planned to be a decorative item but its artstyle suggests to me that this item was designed a long time ago

This is apparently a room made by Peter from AJHQ lol
This is another image of the Animal Coins but in different colors, another hacker (AJINSIDER A.K.A 7 A.K.A Aparri), released an image of these but Zade confirmed that these come in different colors

This image shows green Broken Shackles (which if you remember a lion used to wear a grey version of in the New Jammer tutorial until May posted about it on this blog lol), three unreleased colors of the Headdress including MINT GREEN, and an unreleased monochrome Turquoise Ring.
Here is an inventory containing Mace Tails, Alpha Staffs, and the removed green Top hat. This is pretty cool because it's the first clear image we have of Mace Tails and healing staffs in the inventory  
I'd like to thank:
 TheOneAndOnlySomething/Nyan for showing me this video
IDozAnimalJamz/Zade for finding these items, none of these images belong to me so please, credit HIM if you use these in a blog post or video I'm looking at you AJTubers and AJ Wiki >:(

part two coming soon

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


EDIT BY MELOETTA: If you didn't know I made a design for Squid Hats for AJHQ last year! I also made a few others that made it into the game. Here's my original design for the squid hats!

Too bad I can't play anymore to get one for myself, but thanks AJ for finally adding these to the game !

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The search for the mega glitch - Day One (DewDropReptile)

While looking for the mega glitch I ( DewDropReptile) have come across this glitch:

First off,  #9473 and his tree gang started following me around !

Umm ! I don't think these eggs will hatch under a table

My mysterious friend #9473 also offered me floating popcorn...

Too bad I can't fly...

Good news...  the bridge hacker glitch is back!

So far I have:
  1. Figured out a (unreliable as it only worked twice) method to let me merge rooms 
  2.  Figured out a new unpatched method for the bridge hacker glitch 
  3. While not shown in the post I have also figured out a new unpatched method for the no GUI glitch
IDK if anyone is gonna be interested in this lol
ok bye.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Today is the 6th anniversary of AJF

It's about time I explain some things, huh...
Sometimes things happen that take more than a year to recover from
I guess I'm going to have to sit down and write a few huge walls of text soon
When the right time comes...

Thursday, February 16, 2017