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Saturday, April 1, 2017

TONS of new stuff!

The only reason this post isn't deleted because of the comments lol


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    1. Excuse me, I am part of the Animal Jam Flash Rule Enforcement Agency, and I see you have violated the following rules: #882- Absolutely no Weaboos, #9- No pretending to be Anonymous unless you are Anonymous, #12 Section 52 - posting past 11:00 PM prohibited, #44 - Banned words (Revision 1): "Kawaii, Senpai, Waifu, Weeb, Anime, Manime, and all references to Japanese culture", #45 - Comments over one letter receive a strict fine of $5 per pixel (C'mon running a business is expensive stop taking up our space), #1 Conduct code 5 - only one "E" per word, Constitutional Article #556 Section 23 - The first comment must ALWAYS say "First" in it.

      Due to All of these laws you have violated, I, as part of the Animal Jam Flash Rule Enforcement Agency, have to punish you to...

      Community Service for Three Weeks.

      See ya Tomorrow Cadet!


    I am anon, fight me.

  3. does this mean wich hat bunny love lost and melatta wasnt maysuiki???

  4. Who is maykstufi I want Meloetta335 back! What happened to this blog! stop copying julian2 u copyers... grr... those copiers...
    da spinny boiz will save da day...


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