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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The search for the mega glitch - Day One (DewDropReptile)

While looking for the mega glitch I ( DewDropReptile) have come across this glitch:

First off,  #9473 and his tree gang started following me around !

Umm ! I don't think these eggs will hatch under a table

My mysterious friend #9473 also offered me floating popcorn...

Too bad I can't fly...

Good news...  the bridge hacker glitch is back!

So far I have:
  1. Figured out a (unreliable as it only worked twice) method to let me merge rooms 
  2.  Figured out a new unpatched method for the bridge hacker glitch 
  3. While not shown in the post I have also figured out a new unpatched method for the no GUI glitch
IDK if anyone is gonna be interested in this lol
ok bye.


  1. Interesting. How are you Mel? If you see this comment.

  2. I Am not Mel lol maybe I should make it more obvious ( apparently my name tag in pictures isn't enough lol)

    1. Ik, I was just saying hi to her in case she checked this post out or something.

  3. what is the mega glitch? Just curious. And how do you do these glitches?


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