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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Top FIVE RAREST Jammers (DewDropReptile)

Yo yo yo  what is UP jammas' its me #1 most coolest kids in town, your host, SKATEBOARD back at'cha again with another post on this blog! Yo dawg we gonna start this list right now dude!

#5.Any of Spice Dollar Girl
Yo yo yo we got our number ten man, the myth,the legend, the spiciest girl in town... shes so rare she invented Spice Dollars!

#4. Fun Man Ones Twice Twice
Legend says that after he said this everyone got HACED MWHAHAHAHA, even Stark Clacey

This bunny is so rare we dont even got a picture of him... he has only been seen once wearing the rarest item in the game... the Bill Hat.

poods40 is so rare that he can control his trade list with his words! WOW!
#1. jackyboy9917835219
o wait.... wait... r u sayin his headdessrssre  got STOLEND????? ong ok hes nawt number one soree jackyboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. squid kid hats have come for every noob in the game
    and let me tell you they're freaking adorable
    but spiced spice dollars? yuck amirite


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