Throwback Thursday lol close enough

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Dear 0 readers,

AJF is dead, it has been on it's last limbs for over a year.

Man, I'll miss this blog and I'm sure a lot of  people will miss it too.
It was the second AJ blog I ever read and the last one I checked every day for new posts :)

I don't think May/Mayksufi/Mel/Meloetta/WitchHatBunny will ever post (or play AJJAM) again as she's not doing very well  :(  and it doesn't feel right for me to be posting instead of May (For reasons I will explain in the next sentence lol). She has always been the personality (except in 2012 but we donut talk about that :))  )
 and soul of AJF and I'm just not as funny, creative, and smart as her. Furthermore, I barely play AJJAM anymore and pretty much quit sometime in late 2016 because of reasons 
I doubt DoomDesire or s4027j (the other two authors) will post on this blog either.

- DewDropReptile