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Monday, July 17, 2017

New unreleased stuff!

Ok, So there has been a lot of  AJ leaks (from hackers of course) recently and in this post I will go over some of the cooler things from these leaks. (Credit to IDozAnimalJamz/Zade for finding these items)
                  This is an unreleased game machine which seems to be nonfunctional, I don't know what game it's supposed to play or if it was designed before actual game machines and planned to be a decorative item but its artstyle suggests to me that this item was designed a long time ago

This is apparently a room made by Peter from AJHQ lol
This is another image of the Animal Coins but in different colors, another hacker (AJINSIDER A.K.A 7 A.K.A Aparri), released an image of these but Zade confirmed that these come in different colors

This image shows green Broken Shackles (which if you remember a lion used to wear a grey version of in the New Jammer tutorial until May posted about it on this blog lol), three unreleased colors of the Headdress including MINT GREEN, and an unreleased monochrome Turquoise Ring.
Here is an inventory containing Mace Tails, Alpha Staffs, and the removed green Top hat. This is pretty cool because it's the first clear image we have of Mace Tails and healing staffs in the inventory  
I'd like to thank:
 TheOneAndOnlySomething/Nyan for showing me this video
IDozAnimalJamz/Zade for finding these items, none of these images belong to me so please, credit HIM if you use these in a blog post or video I'm looking at you AJTubers and AJ Wiki >:(

part two coming soon


  1. That headdress looks like my prismarine recolor concept!

    1. Okay actually no it doesn't lol https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Cx1AoLiWCgg/VrZDIhqN_bI/AAAAAAAAa3w/tY-FwDITLkQ/s1600/screenshot_156.png


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