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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Coming December 2017 (but probably won't be on time >‿◕)

Hey, this is Meloetta / Mayksufi / WitchHatBunny / LoveLost / Candiilaura / KuruKuruTako / PrawnPrawnOctopus / Misha / CSA 4 / all the other trillions of names I've gone by over the years for once! I'm working on a proper finale to AJF (which is going to take a very long time to finish, you'll see why)
If you have any questions or anything about AJF that you'd like me to address in one of the finale posts, like an explanation for some post or one of the many terrible AJF memes, let me know! I probably won't answer them now tho


  1. rip ajf :(
    so many good memories

  2. Sometimes I come back and read old posts just to remember 2014 and stuff (when I started reading this blog) because those times were better :(

  3. yes cant wait but also can wait ;(

  4. I found this blog again... Man is this so nostalgic for me. I hope you're moving along to better things, Mel... I still miss you.

    and yes clicking on my name leads to a picture of a pen just roll with it

  5. what does the DLC shop stand for?

    1. "dlc" stands for "downloadable content." (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Downloadable_content)


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