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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Coming December 2017 (but probably won't be on time >‿◕)

Hey, this is Meloetta / Mayksufi / WitchHatBunny / LoveLost / Candiilaura / KuruKuruTako / PrawnPrawnOctopus / Misha / CSA 4 / all the other trillions of names I've gone by over the years for once! I'm working on a proper finale to AJF (which is going to take a very long time to finish, you'll see why)
If you have any questions or anything about AJF that you'd like me to address in one of the finale posts, like an explanation for some post or one of the many terrible AJF memes, let me know! I probably won't answer them now tho


  1. rip ajf :(
    so many good memories

  2. Sometimes I come back and read old posts just to remember 2014 and stuff (when I started reading this blog) because those times were better :(

  3. yes cant wait but also can wait ;(

  4. I found this blog again... Man is this so nostalgic for me. I hope you're moving along to better things, Mel... I still miss you.

    and yes clicking on my name leads to a picture of a pen just roll with it

  5. what does the DLC shop stand for?

    1. "dlc" stands for "downloadable content." (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Downloadable_content)

  6. Oh my god.....
    I just logged into Animal Jam after a few years.
    Not sure if you remember me, but I went by TheDogLover/Overdweller/mldb/Vaf/FastFrug.
    I was legit like 11 years old. And I remember your color coordinated outfits and rares and blog and everything.
    I think we were friends, I don't remember the extent of our friendship, but I have LoveLost and Mayksufi2 on the account I'm on right now.
    This is honestly insane for me because I barely remember Animal Jam.
    Wish you the best and hope all is well.
    Let me know if you remember me at all and if you are interested in talking a little.

    1. mldb... dang
      You have no idea how much I missed you. For years I've tried to contact you but your accounts for your old emails and things we used to talk through no longet exist for whatever reason. I thought you disappeared forever : (

      We were definitely friends a long time ago. My memory is pretty bad but I've always remembered you as one of my closest friends. You might not know this but you had a huge impact on my life. I was planning on giving you a couple of huge mentions in the AJF Finale Project thing that I'm working on, especially in the "special thanks" section

      I'm so glad to know that you still exist and would definitely love to talk to you again! Due to the way my life is now, I only have 3 ways of communicating with people. The best place to contact me is in the comments on my other blog (you can find it on my profile) but at the moment there are no posts because I removed them all (but I'm probably going to put something up in a few days)

    2. You have no idea how happy this makes me to hear! I tried to find you too, and I am so glad that my friends brought up Animal Jam the other day and I went to search you up and saw this recent post.

      Today I've thought a lot about this, and I definitely remember you and talking to you on AIM for a long time.

      I was doing some research on myself on Google... and I think we were "Animal Jam brother and sister". Hahaha, the good old days.

      I can put my email up here if you wish to talk sometime, and I will keep an eye out for your blog post. Hope all is well :)

    3. Yeah I only ever "introduced" 2 people to AIM ever and you were
      one of those poeple so we were pretty close

      Unfortunately I can't participate in emails anymore because of the way my life got screwed up

    4. More and more has been coming to my mind as I explore Animal Jam and think about this some more.

      http://pizzadropajblogtbb.blogspot.com/2012/03/lovelost.html Look at this. That picture of your profile made me remember more about us playing in Animal Jam, you blogging, us talking, etc.

      I guess I forgot about how many "rares" I/we had and that people actually knew my name around AJ... lol. Wow.

      Life works in weird ways. I'm glad I get the chance to talk to you again though as it seems we were a big part of each other's lives.

      More about items and the game has come to my mind than our conversations and talking, probably because of my young age. If you remember anything, please share it. It would be so great to reminisce on those times more.

      Once again, I hope you are doing well, and are happy. I'm sorry your life is screwed up and I hope things get better.

    5. Ah, Pizzadrop's blog... I still remember the drama that happened there lol good times, only took me 5 years to accept it

      If you want to bring back some memories you're probably going to love the finale posts (although I doubt you're going to want tk read 100+ posts)

      I'm kinda out lf it right now so all I can think of off the top of my head is the pink pilgrim hat thing that I still have regrets about (I was kinda a horrible person back then)

      And unfortunately I'm not doing well at all : ( I think I'm getting near the end
      Hope things are better for you though

    6. Sorry if I ever did anything to upset you when I was still LoveLost, I didn't exactly morals back them

  7. I remember a pink pilgrim hat, and I remember something about drama with that, but I honestly don't remember much about it other than the fact that me or someone I knew had one and they were rare.

    I hope you aren't near the end, and I hope things improve for you. Things are okay, not great, but better than the past few months.

    I was so young that I can't remember anything of you upsetting me. I honestly remember just caring about you. I apologize if I did anything as well.

    I am definitely excited for the finale posts, and I have no doubt I will read all of them. Thank you for taking the massive amount of time to do that.

    One question, that has been bugging me for a while - I remember one user who had a lot of rare items and was known on AJ for that. I believe his username was something like "cowsand...". Any remembrance of this? I can't seem to figure it out.

    1. Pink pilgrim hats were 4 of a kind items or something like that
      The way I remember it, someone had one and was offering it for a founders hat which is an insanely cheap trade and you beat me to it and I think I might've guilted you into trading it to me because it was one of my dream items

      And yes, that guy's name was cowsandlightbulbs

    2. If you can find sweetness77's blog (ajtradingcentral I think?) he has a list of most of the relevant rare people from back then (that list was made just as I started to get into trading so I had basically nothing back then, I think I only made the list because he felt bad for me lol)

    3. Any of these names ring a bell?

      I made that in 2014 when I got back into AJ, looks like you were on the list too

  8. Thank god I can finally be at peace with not being able to remember that name.

    I remember tech66, spino11, trickertreee, Wando20/Omnipotence, Darkbraken, EternalClaw, Ozmaoo, NekoKitty, and Wolfrock12. But I can really only remember the names. The ones that stick out of those are Omnipotence, tech66, and Wolfrock12. I still can't remember anything about them though :/

    Hmmm, well, I vaguely remember something about a pilgrim hat, but I'm sure I was happy to trade it to you. I looked up to you so much.

    I read something about making you quit, and then saw a blog post from you saying I didn't make you quit, but I don't remember anything regarding that. Kinda funny now

    I don't see that blog post, but I will check more thoroughly later.

    I'm late and have to run. Nice talking to you, talk to you soon!!

    1. I don't really remember that quitting thing but I have a feeling it's relating to the pilgrim hat

      And if you're you talking about sweetness77's list, it's not in a blog post, it's on the sidebar

    2. I'm back!

      I don't see what you're talking about on the sidebar, but it is probably due to my tiredness and general stupidity.

      Further research - I found a post saying me, you, and rh111 were in an "Animal Jam family". Hahahah, wow. I wish I could remember more of this :(.

      How good life was when all we had to worry about was AJ drama and the values of rare and beta items.....

    3. Maybe sweetness deleted the blog and someone made a new one with the same url or I gave the wrong adress then (I didn't actually check) (or you're on the mobile site where there are no sidebars)

      I have no memory of ever being in an "AJ family" but I do remember rh111 (aka lemonfreeze12) as being the only person to ever ask me out to this day. That was... awkward to say the least (like he knew it was AJ right? lol)

      I miss the days where I wasn't hated by more than half the community, good times

    4. Hahaha, wow. That takes some serious guts. Somehow I feel like I remember that, but it might just be my mind tricking me.

      I believe I have you to credit for some of my language and a lot the way I type/talk. Not sure if this makes sense, but I'm reading your comments here, and I see a lot of the same sentence structure and words that I use (or at least I think so). I can also probably credit you for my present maturity, as I was suuuuper young when I was talking to you and other AJ people, and it made me advance past everyone around me.

      I just started logging on again, but I doubt (and hope) that that many people hate you. Everyone looked up to you!

      Do you ever play, or just log on to see what it's like? If so, you should add the account I am using now, TheDogLover.

    5. Idk I feel like the way I type got way less professional and I become less and less adult-like as time goes on
      I use a lot pf the same words in basically every sentence and avoid punctuation the best I can lol

      I wish I could still come on a see how things are but if things were up to me I never would've quit this blog and I'd still be actively playing ajquest and making new posts : \

    6. My typing and vocabulary shifts depending on my mood. And when I'm on my phone, which is like 12 hours out of the day, it's all lower-case and filled with typos.

      It's honestly changed a ton, and now that I'm older, the fun has been taken out of it. The stress of school, family, friends, and just generally life has made pretty much everything boring and not fun.

    7. Yeah life is pretty terrible lol
      That's probably the reason I developed my childlike personality, to hide everything from myself and make thungs a bit mire enjoyable
      A lot of it is supported by autoselect memory

    8. Sorry it's been a bit. School has me stressed to a point I thought wasn't possible :/

      I have pretty severe OCD, which I've tried to suppress since my parents refuse to get me meds, but I understand developing a childlike personality

    9. Man school is justt a big ball of torture isn't it
      I don't think I ever had a pleasant experience in school: (

    10. Sorry it's been a bit. I took a break from having wifi in order to preserve my mental health and allow me a break from distraction. It didn't last very long, lol. How are you doing?

    11. Terrible in almost every way !! How about you?


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