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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Why does my wedding gown SCENT? (Test post)

Hello today here is a story made for short version story a Falcon. There is a Falcon on the road at the start of today. He has big bill. Falcon once fly away home. Into the bushes is his location. Local writers across the globe are writing at or about for him. Practice range. Gunshots Falcon kill defeated

Natural the movie with 7 to go into overdrive for certain as follows the 3v3 from strength for one of choice to go 5 for example the counter from experience to play along for certain as well the trophies the trophies with all that which ease of choice from strength the trophies 77u

Well let me tell ya something. When me and your mother were just in junior high, we went on our first date. But later as we grew I was also somehow two different people. Your mother was a powerful Mew Mew, as we have told you. Your mother is a Mew Ichigo. Well I was the Blue Knight, Deep Blue and me myself but all in the same body. I in Deep Blue had white skin, and had pointy ears and yellow hair, wore a blue cross looking outfit and saved your mother. But until that form went bad I was known then as pure evil, Deep Blue. I had white skin, and my same hair colour but it was much, much longer. He tried to destroy all mankind and all worlds until I came back as a new me, same as I am now. And me and Ichigo beat him. We saved everyone and the earth. Now I just want to tell you if you become a Mew like your mother please fight for good and everything you were born for. Do not be afraid to tell your boyfriend. Most of all, tell us, Toya. Please do not hide it from us as well as Ichigo told her parents she was a Mew Ichigo as soon as we saved the earth. Just wanted you to know


  1. The quality content I signed up for

    1. "He has a big bill" ya u have a big bill because I sewed u because my dad owns bill gates and he is Ritch

    2. my dad roleplays as a cop he get u arrested

  2. Replies
    1. Nah this was just a test to see how page breaks work


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