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Planned and Unused Features

This page shows features in AJ that were either planned but never released. It's unknown if anything on this page will ever be released or not. I'll talk about more features on this page when I have time

Pet Trading
At some point in 2011, using certain glitches such as the black room glitch would cause a glitched up inventory screen. The trading window would come up with three different tabs. Along with the usual den item and clothing item tabs, there was one with a butterfly picture which presumably represents pets. It's unknown whether or not pet trading was meant for pet clothing items, pet supplies, or pets themselves

Jammer Wall Features
There are many features of the Jammer Wall that were shown but have yet to be added. I went over these things more in depth in > this post < so you'll find more info there

There are seven emotes shown in the AJHQ tutorial that aren't currently usable

The ones shown in the video but are not usable are confused, lovesick, queasy, rainy, hearts, broken heart, and sword

The ad preview showed what looks like the ability to add a custom name to your wall as well as the ability to let your name show up as your username or your animal name. Currently, posts on Jammer Walls always show usernames

This Jammer Wall is named "The-Pink-Princess" and the eagle's name is "Precious Happyflower"
Both animal names and Jammer Wall titles both only show up as usernames in the released version of Jammer Wall

Unused Land
In beta, pages on the AJ site used background of AJ lands. One of the backgrounds used was of a land that's currently not in Jamaa

It's likely this was meant to be a land and not just created specifically to be a background because as stated before, all the other backgrounds were of real lands. Also, the link to the downloads page showed previews of land backgrounds. This green land was used for one of the background

More Members-Only Features
After beta ended, a chart showing the features you get if you're a member in comparison to the features you get without membership was on AJ's membership page. Some of the things on the chart were never actually added as a members-only feature

I went over everything on the chart in slightly better detail in > this post < but I'll go over the things that were never made into members-only features here

I don't know exactly what they all mean,  but here are my guesses

VIP Party Zones - Rooms like the Phantom Vortex were possibly meant to be for members only
Nat Geo Exclusives - Possibly has something to do with the Nat Geo Kids magazine subscription
Animal Bases - Exclusive rooms that only specific animals can enter
Priority Access - Members used to be able to join full servers while nonmembers couldn't - that might be what Priority Access means but it could be something else entirely
Gem Bonuses - You are given extra gems when you but membership - it's possible that members were meant to get free daily or weekly gems
Level Sneak Peeks - Members were going to get early access to new rooms and lands before nonmembers could go to them
Members Only Games - There were originally going to be minigames that only members could play

Another old membership ad from an unknown time said members get access to members-only rooms and games, which still hasn't happened yet (unless you count adventures and parties)

Animal Bases
As stated above, Animal Bases were meant to be members-only rooms that only specific animals can enter. For example, only members that were playing as wolves could enter the wolf base. There are several locations around AJ they were going to originally be animal bases. For example, this seal cave in Mt. Shiveer was planned to be the base for seals

Part of this idea was eventually used in the Play Wild app! Click the links below for pictures (Special thanks to Bligbling Jamaa for sending me these pictures)
> Picture 1 <
> Picture 2 <

For a lot more pictures and info on Animal Bases, go here
> Animal Base Info <


  1. FIIIIIIRRRRSSSSTTT. no lovie no

  2. Idk if im third though yeh

  3. My good chap, that land here happens to be a early concept of The Temple of Zios.

    1. I don't think so, they used it as a background at the same time they used a Temple of Zios background. I doubt they'd use the final version and a concept version of the same land as backgrounds

    2. I believe it is, but maybe your probably right.

  4. AJ sucks now.

    I mean like membership could cost like perhaps enough to buy you some good yummy meals but instead all that money is wasted for just useless cyber fake things.
    And to think that AJ is supported by NATGEO!

    1. You do know It costs money to maintain a bunch of domains and websites, Games, and a company... all the software and computers used to develop Animal Jam. WildWorks is not a rich Developer like Mojang, Microsoft, Activision, and ect.
      Wildworks is collaborating with National Geographic for advertising, facts and other things they wouldn't have without National Geographic. WildWorks Gives a fraction of the money they earn with memberships to endangered animals.

      Imagine if Animal Jam just made everything free, They would run out of money then animal jam would be gone 5 months after beta testing. Even the domain would be gone.

    2. But wouldn't that be amazing? A world without Animal Jam would be beautiful...

    3. Don't you know right now in world map that i'm the first ones who find some clues i totally find clues but sometimes i'm bored my first clue is in world map that above there's a land that AJHQ maybe released or never ever released it there's more clues and you don't noticed it maybe in dr. braddy bar's theater there was a monkey statue you know like in outside of braddy barr's lab so i thought it was clue but maybe it's clue too more more cleus need to find find out clues and tell it or report it some of your friends will help you.

  5. I know what the unused land is! Its a varied version on zios, but in the summer (with crystal sands in the background), so the summer version was never released. :0

  6. I hope they release the new land it looks very cool!

  7. I hope animal jam has a beta party, in they did in 2014 but for one day only. That'll give others a chance to be rare. (keep in mind I'm not a everyone gets a trophy person) I want AJ to release all these features, It would be so neat!
    Thanks! :3
    My Aj: XxWildflowerXx

  8. Hey everyone i don't share my report in that land the will never ever realeased in jamaa township there's one thing to do find clues and find a land in the world map and find it in in jamaa the way tell AJHQ please

  9. edit the pet trading one, now you can trade pets

  10. pet trading is a thing now...

    and for those who don't own a lemur, meerkat, spider, or pet phantom, I'll make one at random and put it on trade.


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