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Deleted Items

Some items were in the game but got replaced or deleted completely. It's not possible to own any of these items unless by hacking. Some of these items might not even be in the game's data anymore


Skullys were tail items that were only available in beta. They were sold in Jam Mart Clothing for 10 gems in Jam Mart Clothing and were the only tail item available in beta. They were removed from the game after beta. In 2014, someone hacked in a pair of Skullys. AJHQ removed them again after that which may be a sign that they really don't want Skullys to be back in the game. Most people spell its name as "skullies" but when I saw it on trade, its name was Skullys (I even asked AJHQ myself what their real name were)
Here is a picture of Skullys for sale:

Old Frankenstein Mask

The original Frankenstein Masks sold in 2010 had a slightly different look than they do now. The main difference is the hair. The green ones originally had greenish brown hair while. They now have black hair. I'm not sure if the other colours of Frankenstein Masks had different hair too or if it was just green. These all got replaced with the current green ones

For a picture of it on a wolf, click here:
> Frankenstein Mask <

Gray Vampire Mask

Like Frankenstein Masks, Vampire Masks originally had a different look as well. They had a gray bat, eyes, and "hair"
These were changed to the default red one we have today

For a picture of it on an elephant, go here:
> Vampire Mask <

Red Paint Items

All the items from the Paint Studio set were originally available in red. They got changed a about a week later to a mustardy yellow. People were using red paint as blood for crime scenes in their dens which is why red paint items got removed

For slightly more info and pictures of the mustard yellow paint, go >>HERE<<

Raspberry Bubble-Tron 5000s

When Bubble-Tron 5000s were first sent out by AJHQ as monthly member gifts, they were glitched There were 9 variants of them, all of which were mostly raspberry with differently coloured gears and pipes

More info for glitched Bubble-Trons can be found >>HERE<<

Horse Coin

Horse Coins were den items available in the gem chests in The Forgotten Desert when the adventure first came out. They would slowly spin around in circles. AJHQ later deleted all of them
The instagram user ajinsider revealed that there are coins in the game for every animal, each in 10 different colors
You can find a picture on >>this page<<

Alpha/Early Beta Items
Some colors of items were only available in early in AJ's development. I'm not sure if these pictures and items are from alpha or early/closed beta. They could be from both for all I know. Most of these are only slightly different to the colors of items that are still in the game

Red and Black Wings + Red and Pink Top Hat

These are the early version of red Top Hats and red Wings. The wings have a lot of black on them. The top hat has less noticeable stripes and has pink on it

Grey Wings with White Tips

The early version of grey Wings that are for sale in Jam Mart Clothing today
(Note: This is not the real item icon for the wings. It's an edited version of Scary Bat Wings that I made myself)
For pictures of animals wearing these wings, click these links:
>>Wings 1<<
>>Wings 2<<

Green Top Hat

(Note: Just like the above wings, this is not the real item icon for the green top hat. It's an edited version of a tan top hat that I made myself)
To see it being worn on a wolf, click here:
>>Top Hat<<

Brown Rhino Helmet

There are brown Rhino Helmets in the game now, but this one is a different shade of brown and has dark brown rings
To see it being worn on a bunny, go here:
>>Rhino Helmet<<

Black and White Big Skull

This version of Big Skull has tanish eyes and rings, while the one for sale now has red
To see it being worn on a bunny, go here:
>>Big Skull<<

Light Blue Arctic Hood

This is possibly the early version of the "Beta Hood"

White and Gray Mask

It looks similar to the Freedom Mask so this could have been the inspiration for it

White and Green Leg Armor

It's might be hard to tell, but the leafy Leg Armor the panda is wearing's layers are two different colors. The top layer is green and the bottom layer is white. Possibly the inspiration for Freedom Bands
The pink Unicorn Horn the panda has might also be different from the ones for sale in the Horses Only Party

Black Unicorn Horn

For another picture of the black Unicorn Horn, click here:
>>Unicorn Horn<<

Brown Gazelle Horns

Possibly the inspiration for Rare Gazelle Horns

Brown Pirate Hat

This Pirate Hat is different from the ones in Jam Mart Clothing today. It has tanish earrings and beads

Red Butterfly Wings

It's hard to tell because of the quality of the image, but these butterfly wings might have raspberry or purple on them


  1. You forgot Mace Tails. 7 (I'm his buddy) told me AJHQ deleted it.

  2. isnt 7 bad tho? so why are u his buddy banana bro. 7 is a hacter.

    1. Idk since I work for the SWS I'm probably not spying. (Sarcasm)

    2. lol does that mean secret weevil service XD

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  3. Okay, that is CREEPY how animals used to sleep in Beta. WITH THEIR EYES OPEN! THEY LOOK LIKE THEY STALKING U! And, on the koala with the Gazelle Horns, is that pattern really true? Or is it photo shopped? And lastly, Banana Bro, how can you be 7's buddy? I looked up 7 on "SEARCH A JAMMER" thingy, and it said he was not found. Did 7 quit?

    1. It's not edited at all, it's from a beta screenshot that AJHQ took

    2. Woah! Looks kinda like leopard spots!

  4. 7 got banned and he was a hacker at one point but not anymore if he was a hacker why would wisteriamoon be friends with him?


  6. Ok i meant you had forgotton the black and white tophat XD

    1. I know about it, I just can't find the picture on my sd card

  7. Cool. You have an amazing blog c:

  8. I still find the red paint the funniest :D Second funniest the skullys cause of pandas lo

  9. Can i do an update? some red paints and horse coins and light blue hood was NOT removed, i mean it may have been, but this jammer called the forgotton has everything aj deleted. i mean cray cray right! go check him out, but no hate comments if his banned for being steling or whatever from ajhq. ------- x3taytayx3

    1. Brambleleap/vopstickSeptember 30, 2015 at 2:41 AM

      Tbh I had the light blue hood until I traded it to get some spikes (which I traded away for more items XD)

    2. You must be thinking of Beta Hoods. The light blue hood is impossible to own anymore since it was completely deleted

  10. they used red paint for blood O . O

  11. those spots on the koala what are they?

  12. I wish black unicorn horns will still available they are really pretty.

  13. hey Mel can I use ur edited pics?

  14. Lol the pattern on the koala looks really glitchy and not like a pattern at all!!!
    Plus the jammer called "The forgotten" or whatever doesn't exist, I looked him up on the Jammer Search thing

  15. I have the green and white leg armor...

  16. The only reason they deleted Scullies is because they looked innapropriate on pandas. Don't know why they deleted the rest. Maybe you can only put so many items in the game.

  17. The skullies were removed because they were inappropriate on pandas but a very few people still own them

  18. Your link for the "Deleted items" page doesn't work unless you edit the http, which is how I got here. Here's the edited link that works: http://animaljamflash.blogspot.com/p/deleted-items.html :D If it still doesn't work for your computer, it works for mine :3

  19. AJ confirmed horse coins are still in the game? someone must own one.

    " horse coins or other rare items that have been removed from availability/purchase but may be still actively traded by players."


  20. Does anyone know who created this page? I really want to know who that person was with the beta vampire mask. I suspect that they weren't all deleted assuming they have the same story as the beta elf helmet, another halloween item. If somebody knows, please contact me on Animal Jam. User: cold


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