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Item Archive

 This is a list of items in order they came out (newest items will be at the top) but please be aware that this page only has items starting with September 7th of 2014
Some item names will be links. If you click them, it will show you what the item looks like in the shop. If the item name isn't a link, click GIF to see a gif of all the available colors of the item in the shop

~ If a date is written in blue, it means there was an important update on that day
~ If a date is written in yellow, it mean there was a Rare Monday item on that day
~I didn't make gifs for items that came out before November 16 2014

Some items have symbols next to their names. Each symbol means something different. Use this chart to find out what each symbol means

♥︎Meloetta likes this item
The item was accidentally released and later removed
*The item was glitched when it was first released
#The item arrived late
^The item didn't have the "new" icon when it was released
%The "new" icon was added to it after it was already out
?I don't know the exact date the item was released (It should be close to accurate)

January 3 2016
Arctic Coat

January 2 2016
Infinity Glasses

January 1 2016
2016 Banner

Garnet Birthstone

September 1 2015
Aster (Treetop Gardens)
Aster Bouquet (Treetop Gardens) (GIF)
Sapphire Birthstone (Epic Wonders, furniture)

August 31 2015
Rare Square Glasses (Jam Mart Clothing)

August 30 2015
Epic Train Set (Epic Wonders, furniture)

Augusts 29 2015
Gold Chain Necklace (Jam Mart Clothing)

August 28 2015
Silver Chain Necklace (Jam Mart Clothing)
? Schoolyard Window (Back To School Shop) (GIF)

August 27 2015
? Apple Rug (Back To School Shop)

August 26 2015
? Steampunk Monocle (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

August 25 2015
? Science Fair Table (Back To School Shop)

August 24 2015
Rare Wrist Watch (Jam Mart Clothing)

August 23 2015
Beret (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

August 22 2015
Fancy Toy Robot (Epic Wonders, furniture)

August 21 2015
The Deer Claw (Diamond Shop, misc)
? Art Class Sink (Back to School Shop)

August 20 2015
Baby Rubber Plant (Treetop Gardens) (GIF)
? Puppy Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)
? Large Puppy Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)
Straw Lamp (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Straw Rug (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Straw Window (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Straw And Bamboo Chair (Graham's Workshop, furniture) (GIF)
Straw And Bamboo Table (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Wood Step Ladder (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Wood Chair (Graham's Workshop, furniture) (GIF)
Wood Couch (Graham's Workshop, furniture) (GIF)
Wood And Silver Corner Table (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Wood And Silver Table (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Wood And Silver Chest (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Wood Jewelry Box (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Fancy Wood And Silver Dresser (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Bamboo Mat (Graham's Workshop, furniture) (GIF)
Bamboo Lamp (Graham's Workshop, furniture) (GIF)
Bamboo Wind Chime (Graham's Workshop, furniture) (GIF)
Bamboo Table (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Bamboo Arm Chair (Graham's Workshop, furniture) (GIF)
Bamboo Couch (Graham's Workshop, furniture) (GIF)
Square Stone Planter (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Stone Column (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Fancy Stone Planter (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Stone Stool (Graham's Workshop, furniture) (GIF)
Large Stone Planter (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Fancy Stone Bench (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Fancy Stone Lamp (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Fancy Stone End Table (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Fancy Stone Table (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Stone Rug (Graham's Workshop, furniture) (GIF)
Fancy Stone Chair (Graham's Workshop, furniture) (GIF)
Fancy Stone Couch (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Stone And Gemstone Archway (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Golden Cushion (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Golden Bean Bag Chair (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
Stone And Gold Table (Graham's Workshop, furniture)
♥︎ Silver And Gold Leg Armor (Graham's Workshop, clothing)
♥︎ Silver And Gold Elf Tail Armor (Graham's Workshop, clothing)
Silver And Gold Tie (Graham's Workshop, clothing)
♥︎ Silver And Gold Glove (Graham's Workshop, clothing)
Silver And Gold Bat Glasses (Graham's Workshop, clothing)
♥︎ Silver And Gold Homemade Wings (Graham's Workshop, clothing)
Stone Top Hat (Graham's Workshop, clothing)
Elegant Bracelet (Graham's Workshop, clothing)
Gold Tipped Wooden Shoes (Graham's Workshop, clothing)
♥︎ Stone Goggles (Graham's Workshop, clothing)
♥︎ Bamboo Wings (Graham's Workshop, clothing)
♥︎ Straw Crown (Graham's Workshop, clothing)
Jamaa Wall Flag (Back to School Shop)
Teacher's Desk (Back to School Shop)
School Desk (Back to School Shop) (GIF)
School Lockers (Back to School Shop) (GIF)
School Bell (Back to School Shop) (GIF)
Classroom Whiteboard (Back to School Shop) (GIF)

August 19 2015
Pet Sugar Glider Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)
 Pet Sugar Glider Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)

August 18 2015

Areca Palm (Treetop Gardens)

August 17 2015
Rare Bunny Hat (Museum Shop)
Aloe Vera Plant (Treetop Gardens) (GIF)

August 16 2015
 Pet Piglet Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)
Large Pet Piglet Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)

August 15 2015
Diamond Anklet (Epic Wonders, clothing) (GIF)

August 14 2015
Galoshes (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

August 13 2015
Kitty Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)
Large Kitty Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)

August 12 2015
Walk-In Closet (Epic Wonders, furniture) (GIF)
Butterfly Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)
Large Butterfly Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)
# Frog Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)
# Large Frog Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)

August 10 2015
Rare Ten Gallon Hat (Jam Mart Clothing)

August 9 2015
Old Top Hat (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

August 8 2015
Opal Necklace (Epic Wonders, clothing) (GIF)

August 7 2015
♥︎ Silk Scarf (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

August 6 2015
Beehive Hat (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Bee Shirt (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Bee Antennae (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Bumblebean Bag Chair (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Beekeeper Hive (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Honeycomb Wall Art (Jam Mart Furniture)
Wrought Iron Fence Gate (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

August 5 2015
Wrought Iron Fence (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

August 4 2015
Princess Vanity (Epic Wonders, furniture) (GIF)

August 3 2015
Rare Cowboy Boots (Jam Mart Clothing)

August 2 2015
Infinity Necklace (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)

August 1 2015
 Gladiolus (Treetop Gardens)
Gladiolus Bouquet (Treetop Gardens) (GIF)
Peridot Birthstone (Epic Wonders, furniture)

July 31 2015
♥︎ Zios Balloon (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)

July 30 2015
♥︎ Mira Balloon (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)

July 29 2015
Scooter (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

July 28 2015
Old Water Pump (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

July 27 2015
Rare Stethoscope (Medical Center Shop)
Epic Moon Hat (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)

July 26 2015
Epic Sun Hat (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)

July 25 2015
Epic Star Hat (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)

July 24 2015
The Koala Claw (Diamond Shop, misc)
Underwater Pool Table (Sunken Treasures) (GIF)

July 23 2015
Moon Balloon (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Overflow (Sol Arcade Shop)

July 22 2015
Sun Balloon (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)

July 21 2015
♥︎ Mad Scientist Hair (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

July 20 2015
Rare Doctor's Bag (Medical Center Shop)

July 19 2015
Flapper Hat (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

July 18 2015
Raccoon Tail (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)

July 17 2015
Arm Cuffs (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

July 16 2015
Beanie (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)

July 15 2015
Buried Statue (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

July 14 2015
Dig Site Canopy (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

July 13 2015
Rare Freedom Sports Jersey (Jam Mart Clothing)
Pottery Shards (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

July 12 2015
Star Necklace (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Gold Panning Pong (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

July 11 2015
Ruined Stairs (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Sandals (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)

July 10 2015
Wood Crates (Jam Mart Furniture)

July 9 2015
Rainbow Pillow (Cloud Shop, furniture) (GIF)
Ancient Phantom Arch (Jam Mart Furniture)
Ancient Phantom Corner Wall (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Ancient Phantom Wall (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Water Canteen (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Dig Site Tools (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Sifting Screen (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Pet Peacock (Diamond Shop, pets)
Rare Freedom Fruit Hat (Bahari Bargains)

July 8 2015
Rainbow Table (Cloud Shop, furniture) (GIF)

July 7 2015
Rainbow Arch (Cloud Shop, furniture) (GIF)

July 6 2015
Rare Freedom Fruit Hat (Bahari Bargains)
Rainbow Fountain (Cloud Shop, furniture) (GIF)

July 5 2015
Rainbow Drapes (Cloud Shop, furniture) (GIF)

July 4 2015
Freedom Feather Earrings (Freedom Shop, clothing)
Freedom Head Flower (Freedom Shop, clothing)
Freedom Flower Crown (Freedom Shop, clothing)
? Rainbow Flower Bed (Cloud Shop, furniture) (GIF)

July 3 2015
Disguise Glasses (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Mira Firework (Freedom Shop, furniture) (GIF)

July 2 2015
Zios Firework (Freedom Shop, furniture) (GIF)

July 1 2015
Ruby Birthstone (Epic Wonders, furniture)
Larkspur (Treetop Gardens)
Larkspur Bouquet (Treetop Gardens) (GIF)
Tiger Firework (Freedom Shop, furniture) (GIF)

June 30 2015
Feathered Bird Hat (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Panda Firework (Freedom Shop, furniture) (GIF)

June 29 2015
Rare Eagle Hat (Jam Mart Clothing)

June 28 2015
Freedom Spiked Hair (Freedom Shop, clothing)
Pile Of Fireworks (Freedom Shop, furniture) (GIF)

June 27 2015
Freedom Hula Skirt (Freedom Shop, clothing)
Firework Stand (Freedom Shop, furniture) (GIF)
Parasol (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)

June 26 2015
The Raccoon Claw (Diamond Shop, misc)
Freedom Hood With Feather (Freedom Shop, clothing)

June 25 2015
Freedom Panda Hat (Freedom Shop, clothing)
Freedom Cat Hat (Freedom Shop, clothing)
Freedom Bunny Hat (Freedom Shop, clothing)
Freedom Lion Hat (Freedom Shop, clothing)
Freedom Monkey Hat (Freedom Shop, clothing)
Freedom Chicken Hat (Freedom Shop, clothing)
Star Table (Freedom Shop, furniture)
Shooting Star Table (Freedom Shop, furniture)
Starlight Table (Freedom Shop, furniture)
Balloon Column (Freedom Shop, furniture) (GIF)
Ice Pop Stand (Freedom Shop, furniture) (GIF)
Shooting Star Wall Art (Freedom Shop, furniture)
Phantom Goop Canister (Earth Crystal Shop)
Phantom Lamppost (Earth Crystal Shop)
Phantom Fissure (Earth Crystal Shop)
Phantom Wall Art (Earth Crystal Shop)
Phantom Rose Bush (Earth Crystal Shop)
Phantom Sunflower (Earth Crystal Shop)
Freedom Puppy (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies)
Large Freedom Puppy (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies)
Freedom Ducky (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies)
Large Freedom Ducky (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies)
Freedom Bunny (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies)
Large Freedom Bunny (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies)
Freedom Butterfly (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies)
Large Freedom Butterfly (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies)
Freedom Frog (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies)
Large Freedom Frog (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies)
Freedom Hamster (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies)
Large Freedom Hamster (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies)
Freedom Kitty (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies)
Large Freedom Kitty (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies)
Freedom Snake (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies)
Large Freedom Snake (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies)
Freedom Piglet (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies)
Large Freedom Piglet (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies)
Freedom Sugar Glider (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies)
Large Freedom Sugar Glider (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies)
Large Rabbit Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF) (Note: This item was taken from the store on the same day it was released)
Llama (Diamond Shop, animals)
Mira Waterfall (Diamond Shop, misc)

June 24 2015
Carousel Hat (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Rabbit Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)

June 23 2015
Sun Hat (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Large Octopus Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)

June 22 2015
Rare Shutter Shades (Jam Mart Clothing)
Octopus Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)

June 21 2015
Moon Hat (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)
? Turtle Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)
? Giant Turtle Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)

June 20 2015
Star Hat (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)

June 19 2015
Stegosaurus Armor (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)

June 18 2015
Stegosaurus Tail (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)

June 17 2015
Sand Toy Box (Jam Mart Furniture)

June 16 2015
Sand Rug (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

June 15 2015
Rare Hula Skirt (Jam Mart Clothing)
Sand Window (Jam Mart Furniture)

June 14 2015
SandMan (Jam Mart Furniture)

June 13 2015
Sand Armoire (Jam Mart Furniture)

June 12 2015
Sand Oasis (Jam Mart Furniture)

June 11 2015
^Elegant Curtains (Epic Wonders, Furniture) (GIF)

June 10 2015
Pet Piglet (Diamond Shop, pets)
Rainbow Helmet (Diamond Shop, armor)
Rainbow Amulet (Diamond Shop, armor)
Rainbow Armor (Diamond Shop, armor)
Rainbow Gauntlets (Diamond Shop, armor)
♥︎Rainbow Tail Armor (Diamond Shop, armor)
Sand Chair (Jam Mart Furniture)
Sand Table (Jam Mart Furniture)
Sand Couch (Jam Mart Furniture)
Sand TV (Jam Mart Furniture) (CHANNELS)
Sand Castle Wall (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Sand Lamp (Jam Mart Furniture)
^Barber Shop Pole (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Rainbow Skirt (Cloud Shop, clothing)
Rainbow Top Hat (Cloud Shop, clothing)
Rainbow Moustache (Cloud Shop, clothing)
Rainbow Glove (Cloud Shop, clothing)
♥︎Rainbow Wings (Cloud Shop, clothing)
Rainbow Ring (Cloud Shop, clothing)
Rainbow Rug (Cloud Shop, Furniture) (GIF)
Rainbow Neon Light (Cloud Shop, Furniture) (GIF)
Rainbow Armchair (Cloud Shop, Furniture) (GIF)
Rainbow Couch (Cloud Shop, Furniture) (GIF)
Double Rainbow Painting (Cloud Shop, Furniture) (GIF)
Rainbow Chair (Cloud Shop, Furniture) (GIF)
Deer Topiary (Topiary Shop)
Cheetah Topiary (Topiary Shop)
Raccoon Topiary (Topiary Shop)
Fox Topiary (Topiary Shop)
Giraffe Topiary (Topiary Shop)
Penguin Topiary (Topiary Shop)
Horse Topiary (Topiary Shop)
Crocodile Topiary (Topiary Shop)
Elephant Topiary (Topiary Shop)
Rhino Topiary (Topiary Shop)
Harp Seal Topiary (Topiary Shop)
Koala Topiary (Topiary Shop)
Wolf Topiary (Topiary Shop)
Bunny Topiary (Topiary Shop)
Monkey Topiary (Topiary Shop)
Panda Topiary (Topiary Shop)
Tiger Topiary (Topiary Shop)
Phantom Trophy (Earth Crystal Shop)
Giant Mechanical Phantom (Earth Crystal Shop)
Scared Phantom Statue (Earth Crystal Shop)
Angry Phantom Statue (Earth Crystal Shop)
Proto-Phantom Statue (Earth Crystal Shop)
Phantom Tube (Earth Crystal Shop)
Phantom Treasure Chest (Earth Crystal Shop)
Phantom Mat (Earth Crystal Shop) (GIF)
Phantom Tree (Earth Crystal Shop)
Phantom Stump (Earth Crystal Shop)
Phantom Fern (Earth Crystal Shop)
Phantom Grass (Earth Crystal Shop)

June 9 2015
Elegant Hanging Rug (Epic Wonders, furniture) (GIF)
?Stone Throne (Sunken Treasures)

June 8 2015
Rare Tie-Dye Shirt (Jam Mart Clothing)
Sunken Zios Mask (Sunken Treasures)

June 7 2015
Ring Of Fire (Summer Carnival Shop, furniture) (GIF)
?Seaweed Throne (Sunken Treasures) (GIF)

June 6 2015
Circus Ball And Stand (Summer Carnival Shop, furniture) (GIF)
Elegant Table Clock (Epic Wonders, furniture) (GIF)

June 5 2015
Pineapple Hat (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)

June 4 2015
Elegant Sconce (Epic Wonders, furniture) (GIF)
Clown Vanity (Summer Carnival Shop, furniture) (GIF)

June 3 2015
Bumper Car (Summer Carnival Shop, furniture) (GIF)

June 2 2015
Carnival Flags (Summer Carnival Shop, furniture) (GIF)
Elegant Coffee Table (Epic Wonders, furniture) (GIF)

June 1 2015
Rare Woven Hat (Jam Mart Clothing)
Pearl Birthstone (Epic Wonders, furniture)
?Rose (Treetop Gardens)
?Rose Bouquet (Treetop Gardens) (GIF)

May 31 2015
Giant Jester Hat (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Elegant Chair (Epic Winders, furniture) (GIF)

May 30 2015
Carnival Lights (Summer Carnival Shop, furniture) (GIF)

May 29 2015
Elegant Couch (Epic Wonders, furniture) (GIF)
Cotton Candy Hat (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)
?(Note: The items from the Spooky Party might've come out the day before and may not have been intended to come out)
Phantom Balloon (Spooky Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Scary Mask (Spooky Shop, clothing)
Scary Unicorn Horn (Spooky Shop, clothing)
Phantom Necklace (Spooky Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Skull Helmet (Spooky Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Scary Bell Hat (Spooky Shop, clothing)
Floating Candle (Spooky Shop, furniture) (GIF)
Skeleton Throne (Spooky Shop, furniture)
Skeleton Fence (Spooky Shop, furniture)
Ghost Window (Spooky Shop, furniture)
Scary Organ (Spooky Shop, furniture)
Skull Tombstone (Spooky Shop, furniture)
Spooky Old Bones (Spooky Shop, music) (AUDIO)

May 28 2015
Pet Spider Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)
Giant Pet Spider Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)
Pet Fox Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)
Giant Pet Fox Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)
Pet Monkey Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)
Giant Pet Monkey Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)
Pet Owl Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)
Giant Pet Owl Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)
Dolphin Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)
Giant Dolphin Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)
Shark Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)
Giant Shark Plushie (Summer Carnival Shop, plushies) (GIF)
Hummingbird Balloon Hat (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Flamingo Balloon Hat (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Butterfly Balloon Hat (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Snake Balloon Hat (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Pizza Hat (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Umbrella Hat (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Lightning Necklace (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Lollipop Necklace (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Hat With Dreadlocks (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Kite (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Clown Hair (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Sombrero (Summer Carnival Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Pet Ferris Wheel (Summer Carnival Shop, furniture)
Pet Roller Coaster (Summer Carnival Shop, furniture) (GIF)
Pet Carousal (Summer Carnival Shop, furniture) (GIF)
Bundle Of Balloons (Summer Carnival Shop, furniture) (GIF)
Carnival Pet House (Summer Carnival Shop, furniture) (GIF)
Ice Cream Cart (Summer Carnival Shop, furniture) (GIF)
1,000 Tickets (Summer Carnival Shop, tickets)
2,000 Tickets (Summer Carnival Shop, tickets)
5,000 Tickets (Summer Carnival Shop, tickets)
^Green Lawn Chair (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

May 27 2015
Narwhal Horn (Bahari Bargains) (GIF)

May 26 2015
Rope Sandals (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

May 25 2015
Rare Woven Shoes (Jam Mart Clothing)

May 24 2015
Safari Boots (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

May 23 2015
Binoculars (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

May 22 2015
Safari Hat (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

May 21 2015
Lasso (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

May 20 2015
Mechanical Fountain (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

May 19 2015
Mechanical Wall Crest (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

May 18 2015
Rare Vine Anklet (Jam Mart Clothing)
Mechanical Wall Light (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

May 17 2015
Mechanical Speaker (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

May 16 2015
Mechanical Ottoman (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

May 15 2015
Mechanical Picture (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
The Fox Claw (Diamond Shop, misc)

May 14 2015
Tulip Patch (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

May 13 2015
Lily Rug (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

May 12 2015
(NOTE: Fountain Sprinkler came out as a regular daily item, the other items were released in an update later that day)
Fountain Sprinkler (Jam Mart Furniture)
Mechanical Window (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Mechanical Lamp (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Mechanical Table (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Mechanical Couch (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Mechanical Dragon (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Mechanical Dragon Egg (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

May 11 2015
Rare Tutu (Jam Mart Clothing)

May 10 2015
Spring Flower Bracelet (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

May 9 2015
Spring Flower Crown (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

May 8 2015
Bicycle (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

May 7 2015
Inline Skates (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

May 6 2015
Horseshoe Set (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

May 5 2015
Croque Set (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

May 4 2015
Rare Winged Shoes (Jam Mart Clothing)

May 3 2015
Charm Bracelet (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

May 2 2015
Feather Earrings (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

May 1 2015
Emerald Birthstone (Epic Wonders, furniture)
Lily Of The Valley (Treetop Gardens)
Lily Of The Valley Bouquet (Treetop Gardens) (GIF)

April 30 2015
#Beach House (Diamond Shop, dens) (Preview)
#Feather Tail (Diamond Shop, misc) (GIF)

April 29 2015
Trident (Bahari Bargains) (GIF)

April 28 2015
Pearl Necklace (Bahari Bargains) (GIF)

April 27 2015
Rare Football Helmet (Jam Mart Clothing)

April 26 2015
Butterfly Hair Bow (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

April 25 2015
Seashell Necklace (Bahari Bargains) (GIF)

April 24 2015
Pearl Bracelet (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

April 23 2015
Bean Bag Toss (Jam Mart Furniture)

April 22 2015
Tetherball (Jam Mart Furniture)

April 21 2015
Four Square Court (Jam Mart Furniture)

April 20 2015
Rare Fancy Shoes (Jam Mart Clothing)

April 19 2015
Horned Leg Pads (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

April 18 2015
Three Horned Armor (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

April 17 2015
♥︎Horn Helmet (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

April 16 2015
♥︎Investigator's Hat (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Pet Gecko (Diamond Shop, pets)
Smoothie Machine (Cruise Ship Shop, smoothie)
Inner Tube (Cruise Ship Shop) (GIF)
Lounge Chair (Cruise Ship Shop) (GIF)
Life Preserver (Cruise Ship Shop)
Patio Chair (Cruise Ship Shop) (GIF)
Ship In A Bottle (Cruise Ship Shop)
Sunset Beach Towel (Cruise Ship Shop)

April 15 2015
Vine Lamppost (Treetop Gardens) (GIF)

April 14 2015
Sports Jersey (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

April 13 2015
Rare Round Glasses (Jam Mart Clothing)

April 12 2015
Phantom Shirt (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

April 11 2015
Gardening Hat (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

April 10 2015
Square Glasses (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

April 9 2015
Flag (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

April 8 2015
Porch Swing (Treetop Gardens) (GIF)

April 7 2015
Space Locker (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

April 6 2015
Rare Old Scuba Helmet (Bahari Bargians)
Space Airlock (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

April 5 2015
Egg Nest Hat (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Space Commander Chair (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

April 4 2015
Space Satellite (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

April 3 2015
Rover Tracks (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

April 2 2015
Space Control Center (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Space Crater (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Display Meteorite (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Lunar Rover (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Lunar Footprints (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Lunar Landing Pod (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Epic Spaceship Window (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Zany Item (Jam Mart Furniture)
Silly Item (Jam Mart Furniture)
Wacky Item (Jam Mart Furniture)
Sweet Pea (Treetop Gardens)
Sweet Pea Bouquet (Treetop Gardens) (GIF)
The Penguin Claw (Diamond Shop, misc)

April 1 2015
^Zany Item (Jam Mart Furniture)
^Silly Item (Jam Mart Furniture)
^Wacky Item (Jam Mart Furniture)

March 31 2015
Knight Armor (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Wacky Table (April Fools' Shop, furniture) (GIF)
Silly Chair (April Fools' Shop, furniture) (GIF)
Misshapen Window (April Fools' Shop, furniture) (GIF)
Oddly Shaped Rug (April Fools' Shop, furniture) (GIF)
Warped Lamp (April Fools' Shop, furniture) (GIF)
♥︎ Banana Peel (April Fools' Shop, furniture)
Upside Down Chandelier (April Fools' Shop, furniture)
Upside Down Sconce (April Fools' Shop, furniture)
Upside Down Tea Set (April Fools' Shop, furniture)
Upside Down Table (April Fools' Shop, furniture)
Upside Down Plant (April Fools' Shop, furniture)
Upside Down Window (April Fools' Shop, furniture)
Frying Pan Hat (April Fools' Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Glove Hat (April Fools' Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Dizzy Stars (April Fools' Shop, clothing) (GIF)
♥︎ Shark Hat (April Fools' Shop, clothing) (GIF)
♥︎ Hypno-Glasses (April Fools' Shop, clothing) (GIF)
Polka Dot Tuxedo (April Fools' Shop, clothing) (GIF)

March 30 2015
Rare Horn Helmet (Jam Mart Clothing)

March 29 2015
Knight Helmet (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

March 28 2015
Flower Crown (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

March 27 2015
Lionfish Armor (Bahari Bargians) (GIF)

March 26 2015
Lionfish Helmet (Bahari Bargains) (GIF)

March 25 2015
Koi Pond (Jam Mart Furniture)

March 24 2015
Vanity And Mirror (Jam Mart Furniture)

March 23 2015
Rare Clover Earmuffs (Jam Mart Clothing)

March 22 2015
♥︎Aviator Hat (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

March 21 2015
Sun Visor (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

March 20 2015
Musketeer Boots (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

March 19 2015
Musketeer Hat (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Lion (Diamond Shop, animals)
Lucky Clovers (Diamond Shop, music) (AUDIO)
★Pi Table (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
★Pi Pie (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
★Giant Stone Pi (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
★Pi Strand (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
★Pi Rug (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
★Pi Decoration (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

March 18 2015
Spring Throne (Treetop Gardens) (GIF)

March 17 2015
^Clover Rug (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Lucky Throne (Epic Wonders, furniture)

March 16 2015
Rare Leprechaun Hat (Jam Mart Clothing)

March 15 2015
Clover Skirt (Bahari Bargains) (GIF)

March 14 2015
Pi Table (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Pi Pie (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Giant Stone Pi (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Pi Strand (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Pi Rug (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Pi Decoration (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Shamrock Vines (Treetop Gardens)

March 13 2015
Leprechaun Shoes (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Shamrock Gate (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

March 12 2015
Shamrock Fence (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

March 11 2015
Clover Pinwheel (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

March 10 2015
Painter's Scaffolding (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Clover Trident (Bahari Bargains) (GIF)

March 9 2015
 Rare Head Flower (Jam Mart Clothing)
Painted Star (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

March 8 2015
Clover Top Hat (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Painted Rainbow (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

March 7 2015
Shamrock Glasses (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
♥︎ Painted Heart (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

March 6 2015
Clover Bracelet (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Paint Marks (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

March 5 2015
Clover Helmet (Diamond Shop, armor)
Clover Amulet (Diamond Shop, armor)
Clover Armor (Diamond Shop, armor)
Clover Gauntlets (Diamond Shop, armor)
Clover Tail Armor (Diamond Shop, armor)
The Seal Claw (Diamond Shop, misc)
Clover Balloon (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
 Paint Mixer (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Paint Paw Prints (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Painter's Tarp (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Painter's Ladder (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Paint Splat (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Paint Roller And Tray (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
 Paint Buckets (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

March 4 2015
Clover Tubes (Sunken Treasures)

March 3 2015
Clover Cape (Bahari Bargains) (GIF)

March 2 2015
Rare Construction Hat (Jam Mart Clothing)

March 1 2015
Aquamarine Birthstone (Epic Wonders, furniture)

Daffodil Bouquet (Treetop Gardens) (GIF)

February 28 2015
Clover Earmuffs (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Daffodil (Treetop Gardens)

February 27 2015
Leprechaun Hat (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

February 26 2015
Potted Clovers (Treetop Gardens)

February 25 2015
Leprechaun Gnome (Jam Mart Furniture)

February 24 2015
Clover Necklace (Bahari Bargains) (GIF)
Clover Fountain (Jam Mart Furniture)

February 23 2015
Rare Hat And Curly Wig (Jam Mart Clothing)

February 22 2015
Clover Bench (Jam Mart Furniture)

February 21 2015
Clover Tie (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

February 20 2015
Clover Blanket (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

February 19 2015
Pet Pony (Diamond Shop, pets)
Emerald Ring (Epic Wonders, clothing)

February 18 2015
Kelp Archway (Sunken Treasures)

February 17 2015
Deep Sea Crystals (Sunken Treasures) (GIF)

February 16 2015
Rare Heart Cape (Jam Mart Clothing)
Cherry Tree (Jam Mart Furniture)

February 15 2015
Hat and Curly Wig (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Curly Wig (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

February 14 2015
Cupid's Bow And Arrows (Epic Wonders, clothing) (GIF)

February 13 2015
Heart Rug (Sunken Treasures) (GIF)

February 12 2015
Heart Welcome Mat (Jam Mart Furniture)

February 11 2015
^Cupid Wings (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Heart Tree (Jam Mart Furniture)

February 10 2015
Heart Table (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Pizza Dart Board (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

February 9 2015
Rare Heart Glasses (Jam Mart Clothing)
Pizza Parlor Light (Jam Mart Clothing)

February 8 2015
 Pizza Prep Station (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Heart Earmuffs (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

February 7 2015
Right Friendship Necklace (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Left Friendship Necklace (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Pizza Counter (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

February 6 2015
Pizza Parlor Statue (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Pink Treasure (Sunken Treasures)

February 5 2015
^Heart Balloon (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Chef's Hat (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Heart Scarf (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Brick Pizza Oven (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Huge Pizza Table (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Pizza Display (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Pizza Parlor Booth (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Neon Pizza Sign (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Pizza Parlor Table (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Pizza Boxes (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
The Rhino Claw (Diamond Shop, misc)
♥︎Owl (Diamond Shop, animals)

February 3 2015
Heart Couch (Jam Mart Furniture)

February 2 2015
Rare Heart Antenna Headband (Jam Mart Clothing)

February 1 2015
Heart Bracelet (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Amethyst Birthstone (Epic Wonders, furniture)

January 31 2015
Heart Boots (Shiveer Shoppe) (GIF)

January 30 2015
Heart Trident (Bahari Bargains) (GIF)

January 29 2015
Heart Ring (Epic Wonders, clothing) (GIF)

January 28 2015
Heart Glasses (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

January 27 2015
Heart Eye Patch (Bahari Bargains) (GIF)

January 26 2015
 Rare Pink Purse (Jam Mart Clothing)

January 25 2015
Heart Antennae Headband (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Heart Window (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

January 24 2015
Heart Cape (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Heart Rose Archway (Jam mart Furniture) (GIF)
Heart Necklace (Bahari Bargains) (GIF)

January 23 2015
Heart Mat (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Pink Crystal (Jam Mart Furniture)

January 22 2015
Greely's Hideout (Diamond Shop, dens) (Preview)
Princess Chair (Jam Mart Furniture)
Pink Chest (Jam Mart Furniture)
Rose Table (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Rose Tiara (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Rare Pink Purse (Jam Mart Clothing)
Friendship Helmet (Diamond Shop, armor)
Friendship Amulet (Diamond Shop, armor)
Friendship Armor (Diamond Shop, armor)
Friendship Gauntlets (Diamond Shop, armor)
Friendship Tail Armor (Diamond Shop, armor)

January 21 2015
Giant Magnet (Jam Mart Furniture)

January 20 2015
AJ Sewer Cover (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

January 19 2015
Rare Furry Hat (Shiveer Shoppe)

January 18 2015
Mermaid Necklace (Bahari Bargains) (GIF)

January 17 2015
Rainbow Scales (Bahari Bargains) (GIF)

January 16 2015
Star Lamp (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

January 15 2015
Moon Lamp (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

January 14 2015
Sun Lamp (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

January 13 2015
Pool Table (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

January 12 2015
Rare Gem Encrusted Necklace (Epic Wonders, clothing)

January 11 2015
Pink Flamingo (Jam Mart Furniture)

January 10 2015
Firefly Necklace (Epic Wonders, clothing) (GIF)

January 9 2015
Mohawk (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

January 8 2015
Pet Panda (Diamond Shop, pets)
The Crocodile Claw (Diamond Shop, misc)
Rare Hat and Beard (Jam Mart Clothing)
Inflatable Chair (Bounce House Shop) (GIF)
Inflatable Couch (Bounce House Shop) (GIF)
♥︎Inflatable Lamp (Bounce House Shop) (GIF)
Inflatable Mat (Bounce House Shop) (GIF)
Inflatable Ottoman (Bounce House Shop) (GIF)
Inflatable Table (Bounce House Shop) (GIF)

January 7 2015
Snow Patch (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

January 6 2015
^Knitted Hat (Shiveer Shoppe) (GIF)

January 5 2015
Rare Deer Antlers (Jam Mart Clothing)

January 4 2015
Snow Shoes (Shiveer Shoppe) (GIF)

January 3 2015
Marshmallow Snowman (Jam Mart Furniture)

January 2 2015
Pet Ski Jump (Jam Mart Furniture)

January 1 2015
Garnet Birthstone (Epic Wonders, furniture)

December 31 2014
Snowman Thrones (Epic Wonders, furniture)

December 30 2014
Pile Of Snowballs (Jam Mart Furniture)

December 29 2014
Rare Jamaaliday Earmuffs (Jam Mart Clothing)

December 28 2014
Snow Fort Pennant (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

December 27 2014
Snow Fort Corner Wall (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

December 26 2014
Snow Fort Wall (Jam Mart Furniture)

December 25 2014
Sleigh Runway (Jam Mart Furniture)

December 24 2014
Snowman Mask (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Jamaaliday Necklace (Bahari Bargains) (GIF)
Giant Gift Pile (Jam Mart Furniture)
Phantom Snow Pile (Jam Mart Furniture)

December 23 2014
Hat & Beard (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

December 22 2014
Winter Log Bench (Jam Mart Furniture)
 Winter Mailbox (Jam Mart Furniture)
 Jamaaliday Planter (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Rare Hat and Beard (Jam Mart Clothing)
Snowflake Tiara (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

December 21 2014
Winter Fire Pit Table (Jam Mart Furniture)
Snowflake Crown (Jam Mart Clothing (GIF)

December 20 2014
Coral Snowman (Sunken Treasures( (GIF)
*Jamaaliday Branch Antlers (Epic Wonders, clothing) (*GIF)
Winter Fire Pit (Jam Mart Furniture)

December 19 2014
*Yeti Face (Shiveer Shoppe) (*GIF)
*Ornament Earrings (Jam Mart Clothing) (*GIF)
Jamaaliday Bird Feeder (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Jamaaliday Window (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

December 18 2014
Jamaaliday Gift Hat (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Candy Cane Ornament (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Jamaaliday Stocking Ornament (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Jamaaliday Light Strands (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Jamaaliday Street Lantern (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Poinsettia Garland (Jam Mart Furniture)
Spiral Ornament (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Lit Wire Reindeer (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Paw Ornament (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Popcorn Strand (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Pet Fox (Diamond Shop, pets)
Carnation (Treetop Gardens)
Polar Bear Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Tiger Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Snow Leopard Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Seal Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Rhino Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Raccoon Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Penguin Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Panda Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Otter Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Monkey Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Lion Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Koala Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Kangaroo Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Hyena Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Horse Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Giraffe Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Fox Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Elephant Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Eagle Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Deer Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Crocodile Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Cheetah Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Bunny Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Arctic Wolf Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
Lit Wolf Topiary (Treetop Gardens)
 Snowflake Throne (Epic Wonders, furniture)
Snow Fort (Den Shop) (Preview)

December 17 2014
Snowman (Jam Mart Furniture)

December 16 2014
Reindeer Slippers (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Giant Candy Cane (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

December 15 2014
Rare Top Coat (Jam Mart Clothing)

December 14 2014
Paw Candy (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Jingle Bell Necklace (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

December 13 2014
Pinecone Necklace (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Reindeer Poop (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Mysterious Cloak (Diamond Shop, misc) (GIF)

December 12 2014
Reindeer Mask (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

December 11 2014
 Jamaaliday Earmuffs (Shiveer Shoppe) (GIF)

December 10 2014
Wreath Necklace (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

December 9 2014
Candle Ornament (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

December 8 2014
Rare Gift Sleigh (Jam Mart Furniture)

December 7 2014
Stone Sword (Diamond Shop, misc) (GIF)
Jamaaliday Lights (Jam Mart Furniture)

December 6 2014
Candy Cane Tiara (Bahari Bargains)
Gingerbread Treehouse (Diamond Shop, misc)

December 5 2014
Round Ornament (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Candy Cane Crown (Bahari Bargains)

 December 4 2014
Long Bow (Diamond Shop, misc) (GIF)
#Turquoise Birthstone (Epic Wonders, furniture)
%Gingerbread House (Diamond Shop, dens)
Jamaaliday Jingle (Diamond Shop, music)
The Panda Claw (Diamond Shop, misc)
Epic Jamaaliday Tree (Jam Mart Furniture)
Fireplace (Diamond Shop, presents)
Frozen Pond (Diamond Shop, presents)
December 3 2014
Jamaaliday Scarf (Shiveer Shoppe) (GIF)

December 2 2014
Jolly Elf Hat (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

December 1 2014
Rare Beaded Necklace (Jam Mart Clothing)
Gingerbread House (Diamond Shop, dens)
Gingerbread House (Diamond Shop, presents)
Ice Phantom Statue (Diamond Shop, presents)
Patch Of Lollipops (Diamond Shop, presents)
Peppermint Pathway (Diamond Shop, presents)
Snow Angel (Diamond Shop, presents)
Snowflake Rug (Diamond Shop, presents)
Snowman Family (Diamond Shop, presents)
Winter Window (Diamond Shop, presents)

November 30 2014
Snowboarding Helmet (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

November 29 2014
Snowflake Boots (Shiveer Shoppe) (GIF)

November 28 2014
Topcoat (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

November 27 2014
Fruit Bowl (Jam Mart Furniture)

November 26 2014
Furry Hat (Shiveer Shoppee) (GIF)

November 25 2014
Ice Garden (Epic Wonders, furniture)

November 24 2014
Rare Turkey Hat (Jam Mart Clothing)

November 23 2014
*Mop And Bucket (Jam Mart Furniture) (*GIF)

November 22 2014
♥︎ Maple Leaf Rug (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

November 21 2014
Vegetable Basket (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)

November 20 2014
♥︎ Glove (Jam Mart Clothing) (GIF)
Rare Knitted Sweater (Jam Mart Clothing)
Fruit Basket (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)
Twists And Turns (Diamond Shop, music)
Polar Bear (Diamond Shop, animals)

November 19 2014
Wood Burning Stove (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

November 18 2014
Umbrella Holder (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

November 17 2014
Rare Salamander Gills (Bahari Bargains)

November 16 2014
Wood Coat Hanger (Jam Mart Furniture) (GIF)

November 15 2014
Turkey Hat (Jam Mart Clothing)

November 14 2014
Salon Rug (Jam Mart Clothing)

November 13 2014
Salon Shelf (Jam Mart Furniture)

November 12 2014
Salon Waiting Room Chair (Jam Mart Furniture)

November 11 2014
Salon Magazine Table (Jam Mart Furniture)

November 10 2014
Rare Knitted Sweater (Jam Mart Clothing)

November 9 2014
Salon Reception Desk (Jam Mart Furniture)

November 8 2014
  ♥︎ Pilgrim Hat (Jam Mart Clothing)

November 7 2014
Salon Products (Jam Mart Furniture)

November 6 2014
The Elephant Claw (Diamond Shop, misc)
Sky Kingdom (Diamond Shop, dens)
Pet Lion (Diamond Shop, pets)
Salon Broom (Jam Mart Furniture)
Salon Station (Jam Mart Furniture)
Silly Wigs (Jam Mart Furniture)
Crazy Wigs (Jam Mart Furniture)
Salon Pump Chair (Jam Mart Furniture)
Salon Sinks (Jam Mart Furniture)

November 5 2014
Cornucopia (Jam Mart Furniture)

November 4 2014
String Of Leaves (Jam Mart Furniture)

November 3 2014
Rare Lasso (Jam Mart Clothing)

November 2 2014
Fall Wreath (Jam Mart Furniture)

 November 1 2014
Topaz Birthstone (Epic Wonders, furniture)

October 31 2014
Frankenstein Mask (Jam Mart Clothing)
Epic Phantom Throne (Epic Wonders, furniture)
October 30 2014
Vampire Mask (Jam Mart Clothing)

October 29 2014
Hockey Mask (Jam Mart Clothing)

October 28 2014
Eyeball Hat (Jam Mart Clothing)

October 27 2014
♥︎ Rare Spooky Top Hat (Jam Mart Clothing)

October 26 2014
Mummy Mask (Jam Mart Clothing) 

October 25 2014
♥︎ Trick-Or-Treat Bucket (Jam Mart Clothing)
Mystical Potion Set (Jam Mart Furniture)

October 24 2014
Monster Teeth (Jam Mart Clothing)
Spooky Radio (Jam Mart Furniture)

October 23 2014
Pet Owl (Diamond Shop, pets)
Halo (Jam Mart Clothing)
Candy Bowl (Jam Mart Furniture)
Feathered Mask (Epic Wonders, clothing)

October 22 2014
Spooky Couch (Jam Mart Furniture)
Skeleton Suit (Bahari Bargains)
Robot Mask (Jam Mart Clothing)

October 21 2014
Zombie Mask (Jam Mart Clothing)
Spooky Chair (Jam Mart Furniture)

October 20 2014
Rare Phantom Balloon (Jam Mart Clothing)
Spooky Sewer Cover (Jam Mart Furniture)
Airplane Wings (Bahari Bargains)

October 19 2014
♥︎ Flaming Jack-O'-Lantern Mask (Shiveer Shoppe)
Haunted Bookshelf (Jam Mart Furniture)

October 18 2014
Bone Tail (Jam Mart Clothing)
Clown Mask (Bahari Bargains)
Phantom Lamp (Jam Mart Furniture)

October 17 2014
Monstrous Hair (Jam Mart Clothing)
♥︎ Spooky Lamp (Outback Imports)

October 16 2014
Bubbling Cauldron (Epic Wonders, furniture)
Coffin (Outback Imports)
Epic Dragon Wings (Epic Wonders, clothing)
Superhero Cape (Bahari Bargains)

October 15 2014
Epic Dragon Skull (Epic Wonders, clothing)
Skull Tombstone (Spooky Shop, furniture)

October 14 2014
Jack-O'-Lantern Head (Bahari Bargains)
Scary Bell Hat (Spooky Shop, clothing)
Spooky Fence (Outback Imports)

October 13 2014
Rare Cupid Wings (Jam Mart Clothing)
Scary Organ (Spooky Shop, furniture)

October 12 2014
Evil Jack-O'-Lantern (Treetop Gardens)
Skeleton Mask (Bahari Bargains)
Spooky Table (Outback Imports)
Scary Mask (Spooky Shop, clothing)

October 11 2014
 Skeleton Throne (Spooky Shop, furniture)
♥︎ Eyeball Antenna (Jam Mart Clothing)
Scared Jack-O'-Lantern  (Treetop Gardens)

October 10 2014
Tutu (Bahari Bargains)
 Surprised Jack-O'-Lantern (Treetop Gardens)
♥︎ Spooky Rug (Outback Imports)
Scary Unicorn Horn  (spooky Shop, clothing)

October 9 2014
Floating Candle (Spooky Shop, furniture)
Skeleton Fence (Spooky Shop, furniture)
Ghost Window (Spooky Shop, furniture)
Spooky Old Bones (Spooky Shop, music)
Skull Helmet (Spooky Shop, clothing)
Phantom Balloon (Spooky Shop, clothing)
Phantom Necklace (Spooky Shop, clothing)
Fang Necklace  (Jam Mart Clothing)
Angry Jack-O'-Lantern  (Treetop Gardens)

October 8 2014
Spooky Tree (Epic Wonders, furniture)
Skeleton Suit (Epic Wonders, clothing)
Ceiling Web  (Haunted Forest Shop, furniture)

October 7 2014
♥︎ Demon Mask (Haunted Forest Shop, clothing)
♥︎ Ghost Balloon (Jam Mart Clothing)
Ground Web (Haunted Forest Shop, furniture)
Nessie Mask (Bahari Bargains)
Phantom Mask (Epic Wonders, clothing)

 October 6 2014
Pumpkin Throne (Jam Mart Furniture)
Skull Balloon (Jam Mart Clothing)

October 5 2014
 ♥︎ Ghosts (Jam Mart Furniture)
♥︎ Bat Balloon (Jam Mart Clothing)
Halo  (Bahari Bargains)
Yeti Mask  (Haunted Forest Party Shop, clothing)
? Bat Tombstone  (Outback Imports)

October 4 2014
World Animal Day Banner (Jam Mart Furniture)
Patch Of Fog  (Haunted Forest Shop, furniture)
Phantom Cannon (Sunken Treasures)
Scary Antlers (Jam Mart Clothing)
Horns (Bahari Bargains)

October 3 2014
Creature Mask (Jam Mart Clothing)
♥︎ Giant Phantom (Jam Mart Furniture)
Spiderweb Flooring (Jam Mart Furniture)
Neck Bolts (Bahari Bargains)
Scary Barrel Sponge (Sunken Treasures)
Werewolf Mask  (Haunted Forest Shop, clothing)

October 2 2014
♥︎ Haunted Mansion (Diamond Shop, dens)
♥︎ Pet Tarantula (Diamond Shop, pets)
♥︎ Witch Hat (Haunted Forest Shop, clothing)
Wizard Hat (Haunted Forest Shop, clothing)
Medusa Mask (Haunted Forest Shop, clothing)
Spooky Lights (Haunted Forest Shop, furniture)
Scary Fence (Haunted Forest Shop, furniture)
Scary Eyes (Haunted Forest Shop, furniture)
♥︎ Spooky Old Bones (Haunted Forest Shop, music)
Tavie Statue (Marine Marvels)
Calypso Statue (Marine Marvels)
Victor Statue (Marine Marvels)
Drake Statue (Marine Marvels)
Bat Glasses (Jam Mart Clothing)
Scary Balloons (Jam Mart Furniture)
Bat Wallpaper (Jam Mart Furniture)
Pet Haunted House (Epic Wonders, furniture)
Phantom Lights (Sunken Treasures)
The Tiger Claw (Diamond Shop, misc)

October 1 2014
Opal Birthstone (Epic Wonders, furniture)

September 30 2014
Large Trunk (Royal Ridge)

September 29 2014
Rare Cone Collar (Medical Center Shop)

September 28 2014
Rake And Leaf Pile (Jam Mart Furniture)
September 27 2014
Chest Of Gems (Jam Mart Furniture)
September 26 2014
Stone Vanity (Outback Imports)

September 25 2014
Caged Phantom (Diamond Shop, misc)

September 24 2014
Stone Sink  (Outback Imports)

September 23 2014
Trapped Phantom (Diamond Shop, misc)

September 22 2014
Rare Beard (Jam Mart Clothing)

September 21 2014
Bulky Golden Phantom (Diamond shop, misc)
September 20 2014
Banyan Tree (Treetop Gardens)

September 19 2014
Ruby Ring (Epic Wonders, clothes)

September 18 2014
 Wheelbarrow Planter (Treetop Gardens)
Pet Monkey (Diamond Shop, pets)

September 17 2014
♥︎ Candle Hat (Jam Mart Clothing)

September 16 2014
Fez (Jam Mart Clothing)
September 15 2014
Rare Seaweed Boa (Bahari Bargains)

September 14 2014
Egyptian Sphinx (Jam Mart Furniture)

September 13 2014
Epic Egyptian Hat (Epic Wonders, clothes)

September 12 2014
Egyptian Pillow (Jam Mart Furniture)

September 11 2014
Egyptian Couch (Jam Mart Furniture)

September 10 2014
Egyptian Rug (Jam Mart Furniture)

September 9 2014
Egyptian Cat (Jam Mart Furniture)

September 8 2014

Rare Cupcake Hat (Jam Mart Clothing)

September 7 2014
Egyptian Beard (Jam Mart Clothing)


  1. You forgot about the Bat Tombstone in Outback Imports

    1. Oh, thanks for letting me know
      What day did it come out?

    2. I don't know I just went there today and saw the new item.

  2. lookiea gost and bat thing i love those!there so cute with there baloonyness!

  3. o-o you don't even have 200 gems?

    1. I have a cute story about how I lost all my gems but I don't think anyone cares so I'll just complain that I'm poor :(

    2. I care! And sorry that your poor. Try playing best dressed or falling phantoms or super sort. They give you a lot of gems.

    3. And I want to know your story. It's okay if you don't want to tell me though.

    4. Ten I'll tell you more story
      Every year I try to get 5 of every halloween item in ever color, but since this year's amount of new items is really crazy it's going ot be way too hard to get 5 of each of every color. But I spent all my gems anyway trying to get halloween items. Then, while I was waiting at the Spooky Party for the new item, I saw some girl get scammed (xena865) and she lost her rare cupid wings and said she was crying. So I wanted to do something good and get her another pair since they were still in stores, but I had no gems left because i spent them all on halloween items... So I played a bunch of Fruit Slinger until I got enough gems to buy a new pair and then sent them to her (even though when I bought my pair of wings, I said to myself that I'm never going to need another pair because I don't trade much)

    5. and yes I did mess up the first sentence

  4. This page is so helpful! Thank you :)

  5. How do you make the sidebars with what topic it is on? like a certain section like nafaria9's blog??

    1. What do you mean? Like how you click on pictures on the side and they bring you to different pages?

  6. Yay! Congrats on your first GIF! You did an awesome job! :)

  7. the presents were not new on that day they were new the day of the winter update.

  8. I have a glitched ring (the purple one) any offers? I am jimzy13

  9. I looked firefly necklace YES FINALY THEY BRING BACK THE COOL ITEMS

  10. wow noone coms downe her wit da kool cids!!!

    ~Jackyboy 2011-______

  11. I traded a raccoon tail (Not rare) For bongo drums and they were saying OMG TY TY TY TY TYSM UR THE BEST and all of that and i know they weren't gullible or anything cuz the person had a blue tiki and founder on trade but he said to only trade for the bongo drums, was i just scammed or was that person nuts?

    1. They were probably just nuts
      Both items are in eagle quest, but the bongo drums haven't been for sale since Coral Corners got removed (I think) so I'd say you got a good deal (but never take trading advice from me, my trading days are over)

  12. The pi items weren't accidents, they were made to be limited edition

    1. They got rereleased on March 19 on accident
      They got removed again a few hours later

  13. If nobody noticed... you know the lion with the handcuffs? when i made another Aj acount they replaced the handcuffs with some boots... soo im thinking why did they get rid of the handcuffs on the lion?

  14. Yes, you have the shamrock vines date right.

  15. Meloetta ~ Your list of newly released items does not include The Fox Claw that was released on 5/15/15. Could you confirm whether this is correct? Thanks!

    ~ Aaron816

  16. What are link shorteners?

    1. They shorten a link
      For example, you can change the link to animaljamflash.blogspot.com to tinyurl.com/m4v82cv

  17. I suggested to AJ that they notify a player of new in-store items the day they are released, like a notification upon login. I do hope they implement this into the game! I had been collecting the Narwhal horns that were unreleased and mistakenly over traded for some today Goodbye my lovely longs lol :(

  18. By the way, thank you for putting so much effort into this section, or your entire blog for that matter. I truly appreciate the information I have gleaned from your site! Peace.

  19. Replies
    1. Ok, I'll count the days.
      And hours.
      And minutes.
      And seconds.
      And Miliseconds.
      And Nanoseconds.
      Till that day.
      And if your lying, I will send Jacky to your house and make him annoy you to death.

    2. You know how to contact Jacky?

    3. I'll figure out how while waiting for Mace Tails to come out.

    4. Who is Jackyboy by the way? Mel's enemy coz of a Silver(Stupid) Headdress?

  20. Nothing apart from the gold panning pond changes the colour of the ribbon or something tied to the bag!

  21. Wow the handcuffs are released now! I am IAmBusyInAnimalJam if you want to buddy me!

  22. Umm what happened on december the 18th?

    1. like EVERYTHING came out that day

    2. What she said ^

    3. Even rare pets on chicken smoothie came out for advent that special day. ( when i say rare it is actully rare unlike aj )

  23. WOW! You gotta be kidding me with the scooter! I love scooters so much!!!!!!!!

  24. Didn't know you can get the mother of Jamaa as a balloon

  25. Shouldn't the toy robot have a ★ mark?

    1. Why? It wasn't accidentally released or removed

      Someone had one a while ago but it was hacked in or something

    2. To my knowledge, apparently it was released in stores for a short time and removed- people noticed how out of place it was in Jam-Mart and bought them.
      Don't know if that claim is real or not but that was the original story. Apparently some famous youtuber had one.

    3. I've never heard of that story before, I thought the only person who had one was WootMoo

  26. Is it just me, or does the spooky rug look like discoloured bacon? XD

    1. If you're talking about the one in front of Club Geoz, then yes it does.

  27. i have a rare dragon mask that was released on sunday this week o-o is it a deleted item?

  28. Ur really behind it's October 26th and this only measures up to September 1st.

    1. I hope you read all those posts where I said I basically quit AJ

  29. Hey, if u make a new animal, look at the penguin santa.

  30. hey meellluoottttaa.

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    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. god bless you.

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    Geetings from Venezuela.

  32. we love animal jam so much that we do not take are eyes off of it.


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